Best sounding mamas and papas compilation

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Go for "Gold" (2 CD set) which has the 4 out of the 5 albums!! ("People Like Us" from 1971 is missing) BUT the song "Step Out" in on the 2 CD set.


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One major problem with The Mama’s and Papa’s catalog (and all pre-1980’s ABC-Dunhill-owned masters) is that since the 80’s, only 3rd or 4th or more generation masters, that were EQ’d for vinyl have been avaible. Apparently there is a 16 track CD collection that Steve Hoffman did around 1986 on MCA (16 of their Greatest Hits) where he was able to use a few alternate takes that were either 1st generation multi tapes or second generation because they were supplied by John Phillips and that’s generally considered the best sounding digital version of their biggest hits.

In the 1970’s, in order to save money and space, ABC-Dunhill junked the majority of their owned-multi-tapes and masters (masters that were independently owned by artists or other studios but issued by ABC were not effected). Some workers and other people saved some masters from the garbage bin and landfills, so those are still available, but ABC-Dunhill’s management only saved 1-track mono or 2-track stereo masters that were used for the vinyls, that were EQ’d for vinyl, and those masters were multiple analog generations from the originals.


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The only compilation that I have is the 2 cd set Creeque Alley and so I have no other set to compare it to. It does have some a few solo pieces by Cass Elliot, Denny Doherty and John Phillips.


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I've only got the inexpensive 20th CENTURY MILLENNIUM COLLECTION. It's got twelve of their essentials and these sets always sound pretty good to me.


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I like the 2 cd set Creeque Alley set as well. It has pretty much everything as far as the hits, including Cass solo hits. You can get it for a decent price on EBay. Make sure it’s the 2cd version. Cd1 green background, cd 2 orange background.
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