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Billboard: Remembering Carpenters, 50 Years After Their Hot 100 Debut

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Happy 50th Anniversary to the release of the single Close To You!! The duo's greatest hit (4 weeks at the top of the "Big Chart"), their international breakout song, and of course the first time most of the world heard that unique and God-given voice of Karen's. And as a tribute to this momentous occasion in Carpenter history, let's go back in time and enjoy this beautiful Bacharach/David song as arranged by Mr Richard Carpenter:

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It’s so lovely to read such words in modern times even though we already know that Karen was the best. And it’s also nice to hear that no one has ever come close to her.

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Great piece by Paul Grein. He was part of that fantastic panel discussion that we were treated to at the 50th Anniversary celebration down in Thousand Oaks last year. Nice to have a music journalist that totally gets the duo.
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