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Traditionally I avoid big malls and crowds the day after Thanksgiving and either shop online or close to home. Nice weather took me to a record store near home, and the time was well spent.

At 'Wild Honey Records' a large tent was set up outside to maximize happy hunting and social distancing. Other cartons were placed outside near the door, where a sign instructed a maximum of 6 shoppers were allowed in for 20 minute browsing sessions. If the crowd diminished there was no time limit and you could come back in. Seemed reasonable.

In the Record Store Day box I found -- at long last -- the red vinyl 'STONEBONE' reissue for $22. Pretty good compared to $40+ on Ebay.

From the outdoor bargain tent I scored a NM copy of BMB 'AS TIME GOES BY' for $3 and a promo of Jolly's 'GIVE A DAMN' for $5.

Inside I noticed a couple of interesting vintage A&M reissues. Jobim's 'WAVE' on vinyl (green front cover photo) containing as bonus the album on CD. The disc is sealed and otherwise uncovered on the front of the gatefold. A similarly packaged reissue of ROGER NICHOLS & SMALL CIRCLE OF FRIENDS was there. This contains the album plus non-LP singles. Both were $29.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and scores some bargains this weekend.

@ Wild Honey Records, Oak Ridge, TN
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I got my Stonebone from a Discogs seller, a record store that had overstock, priced under $20. I doubt this one is a big seller. Some eBay sellers' pricing is insane. I rarely buy there.
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