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Bob Messenger has passed away

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The April 1975 Carpenters fan club newsletter has a short bio of all the band members (at requests of the fans) and it lists each of their birthdays (no yr) Bob’s says September 30th.


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I am truly saddened to learn of Bob's death. He was a musician of the highest order. It seemed there wasn't anything he couldn't play; saxophone, flute, bass . . . His contributions to the Carpenters' success were enormous. As a teen, I used to lay in bed at night listening over and over to his soaring sax solo in "A Song for You." Likewise, his sax interlude on Mr. Postman simply made that song the hit it ultimately became. I will miss him, and treasure his music forever.

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So many of the Carpenters' cast have passed away; Karen, Tony Peluso, Bob Messenger, Joe Osborne, Doug Strawn. I miss them all . . . and long for those happier days of the late 1960s and early 70s. How I wish it could be Yesterday Once More.
The wonderful Tony Peluso died way too young at the age of 60 from a type of heart disease. Apart from looking a little gaunt, he looked healthy to me.


Just seeing this horrible news now! Bob and Doug were my favorite band members since I saw them in 1970 when I was 7 years old.I fell in love with the trumpet in the 60's. I loved seeing Danny & Gary but when I would see Bob playing flute or sax and Doug on clarinet it just really energized me and still does.I love the humble interview Bob did when he commented about not being very good on bass.I commented on how great a player he was and how much we think of him.I have a couple of photos of him from just a few years ago so I made a photo collage of him a few months ago.This one is tough! Tears flowing as I write this!Thank You for the great music Bob! You were so very talented.I will always have a soft spot in my heart for you.Say hi to Karen,Tony,and Doug.Love You Forever!😥
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