Bossa Rio on Playboy After Dark

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I wonder if Sergio's thought process was to attempt more "American" music with his main group Brasil '66 and try the more Brazilian stuff with the Bossa Rio group. I've been listening to a bit more Bossa Rio of late since this thread surfaced.

For some reason, the song "Girl Talk" from ALEGRIA! and LIVE IN JAPAN seems to have entered my head and won't go away. The lyrics are clearly sexist by today's sensibilities.

Girl Talk by Bobby Troup

They like to chat about the dresses they will wear tonight,
they chew the fat about their tresses and the neighbor's fight.
Inconsequential things that men don't really care to know
become essential things that women find so "appropos".
But that's a dame, they're all the same.
It's just a game, they call it girl talk, girl talk.

They all meow about the ups and downs of all their friends,
the "who", the "how", the "why", they dish the dirt, it never ends.
The weaker sex, the speaker sex we mortal males behold
but tho' we joke we wouldn't trade them for a ton of gold.
So baby, stay and gab a way
but hear me say that after girl talk talk to me.

"Girl Talk" is a great melody---one of my all-time favorites--- with horrific lyrics.

Right up (down?) there with "Wives and Lovers", which boils down to "Get the curlers out of your hair by seven or your husband's going to nail his secretary":

Wives and Lovers by Burt Bacharach (music) and Hal David (lyrics)

Day after day
There are girls at the office
And men will always be men
Don't send him off
With your hair still in curlers
You may not see him again

As lj notes, "Girl Talk" was in the soundtrack of the movie "Harlow" in 1965, so it got a decent amount of airplay from several MOR artists at the time. And in 1968, the Sea & Ski suntan lotion people re-wrote the song for one of their ads:

The sky is blue
The sun is hot
The tans are tanning dark

Up on the roof
Beside the pool
And all around the park

Dark-tanning girls and guys
Who decorate the scenery
They get their tans so dark
By putting on that Sea & Ski

Get Sea & Ski
And soon you'll be
Dark as can be
A really dark tan
Dark tan

But what was behind it showing up in A&M-land in 1969? Not only Bossa Rio, but Herb:

And Herb's is my absolute favorite.


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And to send this thread back to the "Brazilian" fold, here's an even earlier take by Sergio Mendes on his GREAT ARRIVAL album:



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Here is a wonderful medley from the late 1970s in a concert that appears to be from Europe. I love the medley's acoustic sound which hearkens back to Brasil 66's very beginning. For me, the closer music can get to the basic acoustic sound the better.

Gracinha's singing sparkles. She along with Wanda Sa and Astrud Gilberto sing totally free of vibrato and make it work magnificently. Being able to sing well without vibrato is a rare feat. But this trio of singers pull it off with aplomb.



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^ That video just confirms how much I love "Você Abusou".
Yes, for sure, Voce Abusou is a fantastic song. It comes from an unheralded album--Vintage 74. Brasil 77 performs four excellent Brazilian songs--along with Voce you have "Waters of March", "Lonely Sailor" and "Double Rainbow." For me, after that, Mendes and Co. didn't have a great album until 18 years later with "Brasileiro."
JMK, the musician on the grand piano could be Dwight Dickerson, who appears on the two pictures of the "Alegria" album (front cover and inside)
Bossa Rio's drummer is Ronald Mesquita. He was a former member of the second edition of Bossa Tres, one of the most famous Brazilian trios.
The group included Octavio Bailly (b) and Luiz Carlos Vinhas (p) and recorded 3 LPs with Pery Ribeiro in Brasil and Mexico in the mid-sixties.


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I can't thank enough, the people who posted the Bossa Rio live videos. After hearing them live, I may actually like them better than Brasil '66.
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