🎵 12" SotW Brothers Johnson, "Strawberry Letter #23" SP-12003

Was that just for Manhattan, or all the gigs?

Still have to get you and Dave to rock the Motor City one of these weekends, mang. :agree:

That was just for the Manhattan gig, which unfortunately I was not at. Still unable to travel to the out of town gigs since I really can't afford to travel. When we do book a gig in Detroit, I will be there hell or high water! :D
I gotta pester Dave to get something lined up here...there are some good venues and I know that Prince and MJ are both big in Detroit. The big thing would be to get the word out. Prince sold out three nights at Masonic Temple on the 1999 tour (I got tix for one of those three nights), then he came back later on that tour for more gigs at a larger venue. And he had also sent Yyad Ssirrom & The Mystery Band on a teaser tour with Vanity 6 (or should I say Xis Ytinav :laugh: ) down at the now defunct "20 Grand" club, just prior to launching the big tour for 1999.

Plenty of room to hang out at Casa Rudy if you make it up here, mang! :D
Cool, then you can help me with my Intermediate Algebra class. (Or I'll pay you to take it for me. :D )
Cool, then you can help me with my Intermediate Algebra class. (Or I'll pay you to take it for me. :D )

You're my Twin Bro, but I think I'd do a lot worse than you think you would! :D I had to bail on Algebra entirely and took Symbolic Logic instead to fulfill my math requirement. I ended up spending an extra two semesters in school because of that! :tongue:
Bleh... There is no way around it on my course schedule. I have to take that class or I don't get the degree!
Bummer! :sad: All I can say is take advantage of any tutoring or extra help you can get. That's the way I managed to survive and make it over the wall! :D
My problem is that I am so rusty on my algebra skills, I could probably use a lower level class to get back up to speed. Not sure if financial aid will cover it. When I took the placement tests, I scored very high on everything, but you could tell when I hit the college-level algebra placement test...it was really low. That is one class I may want to take on campus, to see it done on a whiteboard before I attempt it myself. We also need a graphing calculator. Oh fun. :D
I know what you're going through. When I was taking algebra, the teacher recommended to some to take pre-algebra and that it wasn't too late to get into a class and drop the one I was enrolled in. But I was stubborn and stuck it out. When I was doing so miserably at it, I just gave up at by the end of the semester. I didn't even go take the final.
It's all good though--you found a way around it. :D And that's great!
Thanks for pointing out the pitch difference between the 12" single and the 7". I used to own this 12" in red vinyl. But no longer have it. Have the 7"
It was intentional. The remix was sped up about 2% to make it more "danceable" for the discos at the time. I still prefer it at the original recorded speed.

I play the 7" sped up to 12" speed. As I heard this first on 12". The Strawberry scent most likely made the vinyl softer, and yes, this is a common problem with this 12" single, whether stock or promo;
I've read it two different ways--some said the vinyl was scented, where others said the sleeve was scented.

It's interesting that on my SL-1210G, I can slow down the 12" single the correct percentage using one of the "alternate" strobes--the primary strobe has larger dots, and the others are adjustments up or down in speed when stationary.


I need to test the theory, but the -3.3% strobe, stationary, fixes the overspeed cutting of this 12-inch single. The cutting speed was apparently raised by a semitone, so I am wondering if the +3.3% and +6.4% strobes are a semitone or full tone faster. Knowing Japanese engineering, I doubt it is an arbitrary number.
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