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Burt Bacharach's Best PBS Special

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I was just watching "Burt Bacharach's Best" on WPBS. It's part of the "My Music" series and it was covering most of Burt Bacharach's songs with the original artists, including the Carpenters. And as this was part of WPBS's Spring Membership drive, they were also offering for $75 a DVD of the program, and for $150 the DVD and 4 CD's.

Anyway, the Carpenters section featured "Close To You", which I guess was the Carpenters only hit with a Bacharach song. Sure the Carpenters did covers of other Bacharach songs, but those were album cuts. On the program, the "Close To You" video is the same one that appears on the "Yesterday Once More/Gold" video collection, that seemed to come from the "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" program.

Speaking of "Make Your Own...", there was a clip of Herb Albert singing "This Guy's In Love With You" and he appeared to be sitting in a "H", and the rest of the background seemed to be the set for MYOKOM.

But as for the rest of the specially, there were other Carpenters connections, such as the Shirelles singing "Baby It's You", Dionne Warwick & Dusty Springfield (who both appeared on Richard Carpenter's "Time") were also on, plus the Fifth Dimension, and even the clip that the used for Christopher Cross' "Arthur's Theme", at first I thought Karen was singing it with him, but then I realized it was a completely different woman who just looked like Karen.


I was hoping they'd show one of the Carpenters' David/Bacharach medley performances, but no such luck. The woman with the Christopher Cross song was Carol Bayer Sager, I believe.
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