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Carly Simon The Right Thing To Do -- Fifty Years Ago


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This beautiful song by Carly from 1973 really stands out for me along with Perry Como's And I Love You So, simply two outstanding ballads from that great musical year. Carly wrote the music and lyrics accompanied by a terrific choir and musical arrangement.

I was enamored with Carly (and this song) as a kid when I first got into music. Still appreciate and love her music to this day. Such enormous talent!!
I have been a fan of Carly Simon since I first heard "That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be" on the radio back in 1971. I have always liked the intensity of her voice.
I remember noticing Carly Simon in three steps:

1. That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be (on the radio)
2. You're So Vain (I had the 45)
3. The No Secrets album cover, which is one of my favorites ever.
I was listening to 'The Right Thing To Do' a few nights ago in glorious 'quadraphonic' on a refurbished Technics 8-track player (as well as refurbished 8-track tape). It sounds AMAZING. Such a great song and great album. And the lead vocal is different in places (just like it is on some Carpenters quad tracks).
Carly Simon's voice is very interesting and unique I first heard her when "Anticipation" was getting heavy airplay on the radio and eventually made its way into of all things a a ketchup commercial (at least where I lived at the time as a kid) I didn't know her name until her 1978 hit "You Belong to me" hit the airwaves and the charts I still enjoy her music my favorite album by her is "Coming around again" from 1986 it's one of what I call "comfort albums"
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