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Carol Burnett on the Carpenters Christmas special 1977?

Margarida T.

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I recently watched the 1977 Carpenters Christmas special and could not help but notice that around the 38:40 mark, when the guests are arriving at Karen's apartment, two women dressed in white are amongst them. A blond one, and a red head that looks a lot like Carol Burnett! I was wondering if there was the possibility of her being actually Carol Burnett, since Harvey had been part of the cast of the Carol Burnett show and had just switched to ABC, maybe they thought it would be a fun cameo? The quality of the video is not very good, but I will leave it here and would love to hear your comments and information on thisšŸ˜Š. Throughout the whole "party" scene, we can see shots of the "Carol Burnett lookalike".

I will also leave a pic of Carol from 1977 for comparison.

Google Image Result for https://media.gettyimages.com/photos/carol-burnett-and-dick-van-dyke-during-carol-burnett-dick-van-dyke-picture-id106872357
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