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Carpenter Trio record from 1966?


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Hi all,

It's kind of a kick finding (even the shortest) announcements for upcoming Carpenter Trio gigs from 1966/'67. Apparently Karen & Richard kept playing as a trio while also being in the Summerchimes/Spectrum groups. If you like, I could list the few I found, should anyone be interested. One in particular caught my attention, because it mentions a recent record release. Now I knew that had to be a mistake, since I believe the only disc by any of them by that time was the Magic Lamp record by Karen. But then I found this old post by one of the forum members who was in the old Carpenter house and might have seen an RCA single by the trio, so who knows...??

Post from 2003 mentioning a possible RCA single

And this is the article from December '66 that mentions a record:

Carpenter Trio to play at Long Beach State (from the Independent, December 08, 1966)

I keep wondering now if there really is (or was) a single, or maybe it was merely a test pressing? Why else would it have been mentioned in a newspaper? What would it sound like? I'm so used to the 1972 arrangement with reed instruments and strings, that it's hard to imagine what it would sound like with just 3 instruments... On the other hand, Richard additionally played a harpsichord (?) on "Every little thing", so other instruments could have been added... And what about the B-side?

:hmmm: Greg


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There are the Cal State University Choir records and there was also a record pressed for the Hollywood Battle of The Bands. I’ve only seen that for sale 1 time about 5 years ago on EBay. Somebody in Florida had it. Expensive! Also both lps not 45’s. Was that you Harry? Gary?
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