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Carpenters 40s standards

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Always loved it when they did this kind of music. Starting with "I Can Dream Can't It?"
What other standards do you wish they would have done? Or have you heard of anymore they DID record that are unreleased?
Would have loved to hear "I Wish You Love" (check out Natalie Cole's version) and "Our Love is Here to Stay" (find Elton John's on Glory of Gershwin album, if you can).
I wish they had recorded all of the songs she did duets with Perry Como, and Ella Fitzgerald, in their entirety, instead of a 25 second clip. But the songs that she does sing, are gorgeous beyond words. I really love the song FROM THE HEART, the tv commercial song in Japan that sounds lovely and wish she had sone a whole version of it. That would be lovely. Other songs I wish she could have done...
My Way
What are you doing the rest of your life?
Do You Know Where You're Going To?
Love Story-Where Do I Begin?
Summer of 42 theme
My Favorite Things-vocal

Cameron Longo
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Cameron-I agree with you,Karen should have done full renditions of all the songs in the Karen/Ella medley.That medley really proves what a great jazz singer Karen was,even if she was only 20% jazz.I think Karen should have recorded "I've got you under my skin","I'm a fool to want you",and a whole bossa-nova album.(IF only she didn't waste so much time with that solo album-think of what we could of had!)
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