Carpenters 55th Anniversary Celebration - April 2024 in Downey


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Hi, fellow Carpenters fans.

As many of you know, the 55th Anniversary of the Carpenters signing with A&M Records will be upon us in two years time.

With that in mind, some of the people involved in organizing the 50th Anniversary Celebration were contemplating a 55th Anniversary Celebration in April 2024 in Downey.

What do you think? Your feedback here (and on other Carpenters sites) will help the team gauge whether there is enough support to warrant organizing another event.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and suggestions.

David A

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I would attend, and bring a +1. While 55th may seem "odd", many fans aren't getting any younger (well technically none of them are, but you know what I mean :wink:)


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Wouldn't Los Angeles be a nicer, easier spot for people to get to? The last one in Thousand Oaks seemed like a logistical nightmare from LAX. I sadly had a work obligation last time. Since Richard didn't come last time (and I assume that's why Thousand Oaks was chosen), maybe something in Los Angeles would get a better draw and be more attractive as a vacation destination


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The 50th was really great, and covered so much in four days, it was unreal. I still have my passes, photos, stickers, booklets and everything...and I get them out every now and then to reminisce. The absolute highlight for me was the last night, when we had the panel discussion. I got to hear "Play A Simple Melody", buy a large print of Karen at the Hollywood Bowl in 1974 and meet Gayle Levant, who was adorable.

Would I do it again? Yes, absolutely! Next time though host it in Downey (which I think is the plan). That journey up and down from Thousand Oaks was such a waste of time, considering the only draw to that areas was her burial place (and Richard didn't show up anyway).

Request: if I go next time, can I be quizmaster on the bus? :laugh:


Somehow you brought the gambler out in me...
Any more news on this? I'd love to go this time but it is quite a bit of time to have to take off.


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I'm all the way in Minnesota but if this is still in the works, I would love to look at going.

Jack A.

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And what is that obvious reason?!
It’s probably because if Richard himself attended the event, all of the focus would be on him, rather than being a gathering of Carpenters fan to celebrate their whole legacy, which would be the main purpose of the event. Every single person there would recognize Richard and want to meet him.


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My flights are booked, anyone else planning on arriving a day early which would be on Tuesday? I'm flying Delta with a short layover in Detroit and a scheduled 10:33 AM landing at LAX. It would be nice to split the ride to Downey with other Carpenter loyalists.
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