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Carpenters: A to Z BBC Radio Documentary

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by newvillefan, Dec 23, 2018.



    Currently about half hour into listening to this for a second time and just as enjoyable as the first :)
    one thing I have noticed and it doesn't spoil it at all, but one thing seems to be clear listening to it, is the fact that I don`t think Graham Norton actually sat with Richard for this, I think someone else from the production team sat with him and Graham added his parts in the studio.

    seems pointless to open a new thread for this, but just for the new members benefit who may be interested;

    4TH JAN
    BBC 4 - 8P.M

  2. That's correct, I spoke with the producer, Malcolm, back in November, it is him interviewing Richard at his home in Thousand Oaks.


    thanks Simon :)
    have to say, I`m glad. as I pointed out in the locked thread, I love Graham Norton show on BBC, but I`m not fond of him on the radio, too many wise cracks every sentence, so I think he would have spoilt this had he done the interview (for me anyway).
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  4. Tony

    Tony Active Member

    What a great interview that was! I can't recall Richard ever sounding so relaxed and conversational as this. I really wish someone would sit down with him and go over every song they ever recorded and get him to share his thoughts just as he did in this interview.
  5. StuckInThe70s

    StuckInThe70s New Member

    Many thanks for sharing the download link. I tried downloading the file but a pop up window indicates a "block"/malicious intrusion. If it's at all possible, would you be able to email the file to me? I apologize in advance for the bother, but it would mean so much to have this chestnut to revisit when time permits [my Dad is ill and there's next to no time for relaxing activities.]. Thanks again and wishing you best of health, happiness and peace for 2019.
  6. StuckInThe70s

    StuckInThe70s New Member

    Murray, please ignore my previous post [request] and thanks again for sharing the program with all of us FOREVER Carpenters fans.
  7. Murray

    Murray Well-Known Member

    Does that mean you were able to download the file after all? I hope so. I've never had problems with that website, but that's probably because I have adblocker software installed.
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    After listening to this a second time, I was left rather sad by Richards comments near the end, where he feels that Karen is still considered that `singer from the 70`s`. whilst I think this may have been the case a few years ago, I don`t think it is now, because everything I read, hear etc, say`s that Karen is finally recognised as one of the greatest female voices ever!
    Certainly is heart-breaking to listen to Richard, because I get the sense that his only interest now seems to be, what people think about Karen and the way she`s remembered and the fact that he feels he was only put on the earth to showcase her, it`s almost as if he`s recognised that she was the star more than he was and whilst he didn't get it then, he does now. I have to say, if this is the case, I have to admire him for that, but I also believe they both needed each other and wouldn't have been as good without the other!
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  9. Rick-An Ordinary Fool

    Rick-An Ordinary Fool Honolulu City Lights

    Time has a way of changing how you once believed and looking at it in a new light. Karen had the courage to say what she believed to be true back in 1981 and above all places on live tv. There was a way for them to work separately but also still work together. The time had come where she wanted to try new things but she also still wanted Carpenters to exist. I admire Karen for saying that. She had the right concept already in her mind. She just wasn’t well.

    It’s wonderful to hear Richard speaking of Karen in all these recent interviews. Like you said I admire him even more now.
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  10. Mike Blakesley

    Mike Blakesley Well-Known Member Moderator

    I was quite pleased to hear that he shares my opinion, that "Please Mr. Postman" doesn't fit in with, and should have been left off of, the Horizon album.
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  11. StuckInThe70s

    StuckInThe70s New Member

    Hi Murray. You're so kind to write [and ask]. I have a feeling my Norton program was blocking the download. The window that popped up from Norton said a malicious attack was attempted, so I didn't continue. I ended up finding a program that downloads streaming content, so I can return to listening to when time permits [due to illness in my family, and grieving my brother's passing]. All the best to you, and again, thanks so much.
  12. Kacfan

    Kacfan Member

    Seems Richard is and always has been as much of a fan of karen’s voice and Singing as we are !
  13. newvillefan

    newvillefan I Know My First Name Is Stephen Thread Starter

    Thanks for posting. It’s a repeat of the BBC documentary from 2007

    BBC One - Only Yesterday: The Carpenters Story
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2018
  14. I agree! I don't think Richard's assessment of Karen's legacy is accurate any longer. He probably is somewhat permanently scarred by the vicious press of the past, and I hope he can understand how their music's reputation (and particularly her vocals) have only improved with age.
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  15. CraigGA

    CraigGA Well-Known Member

    I guess that the recognition of being the most successful musical act of 1973 worldwide with Karen being the most recognized voice of 1974 is not enough. Even facts are hard to use to diminish scars of the tongue. It just adds to the pressure. I think this project will help some.
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  16. Kacfan

    Kacfan Member

    As a way of procrastination, i sometimes randomly google Karen Carpenter and read what is online about her. I have come across guitar forums, drumming forums, led Zepplin forums, prince forums, evolution forums , etc, where Karen Carpenter came up off topic for some reason and almost universally those people on the forum agree she was hugely talented and had one of the most wonderful singing voices . I wish Richard can see all that .
  17. AnnaSock

    AnnaSock Active Member

    I’ve found the same. I’ve come across many comments and discussions, sometimes quite randomly, about Karen, and even the people who aren’t Carpenters fans per se, all seem to agree about how talented she was (with regards both her voice and her drumming ability).
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    and I think this is where the issue is. by Richards own admission, he isn't into all this high tech stuff and social media etc, so doesn't get to read what everyone else does, so tends to dwell on the past a bit too much and is all he remembers. that`s not to say that views of the past didn't happen, but as time has passed, those opinion`s have changed!
    I`d like to see Richard get to read all those opinions about them, especially Karen, because it would be a shame to get to the end of his life feeling the way he does at the moment, they BOTH don`t deserve that :)
  19. Greg

    Greg Member

    I finally heard the show today on my travels. It was a joy. Sort of perfect.
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  20. Jeff uk

    Jeff uk Member

    Just listened to this all the way through, and what a great show this has been. So interesting to hear snippets about songs I never knew. So pleased it included Love Me For What I Am one one my favourite songs. How wonderful that after all these years the BBC can devote 2 hours to the Carpenters, pure bliss!
  21. JayJayVA

    JayJayVA Active Member

    "...He also says he didn't care for the comedy writing and that he doesn't watch TV specials with skits himself. He said he would have preferred them to be just Karen's specials, but the Carpenters name was too powerful to have allowed them to do that.".
    I disagree with this statement. Karen could have had TV specials of her own!
  22. CarpentersToYou

    CarpentersToYou What I feel has come and gone before...

    Shoot, for the life of me I can't get it to download.


    if it`s from the BBC site, it`s currently not available, probably because they only make them available for a given number of days. I recorded it on the day and put it on disc, because I doubt anyone will put it on YouTube, as it`s likely to be removed :)
  24. WOW. I just broke down in tears when he talked about the cruelty of the press. Great listen this was. So much to digest.
  25. newvillefan

    newvillefan I Know My First Name Is Stephen Thread Starter

    BBC iplayer broadcasts are usually only available for 30 days after they air.

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