• Two exciting new Carpenters releases are now available. The new book Carpenters: The Musical Legacy can be ordered here. A big thanks to the authors and Richard Carpenter for their tremendous effort in compiling this book! Also, the new solo piano album Richard Carpenter's Piano Songbook is available for ordering here.

"Carpenters: An Illustrated Discography": New Book by Randy Schmidt


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By the way, the discussion participants in Carpenters: An Illustrated Discography are all very enthusiastic about Carpenters, so much so that one of them even seems to be a bit harsh. Mr. Matt Wallace is the harshest one, at least on page 90. But I don't mind his intense tone because his hard-liner attitude is evidence that he's really, really serious about his own profession and about Carpenters.
You might find it interesting, @The OED Loves Me Not, that I am the "Taft" mentioned as part of the people who were blessed to be able to be interviewed for "A Kind of Hush" album. Many on this form know that, but being newer to the boards here, you may not.
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