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Carpenters charts information*

The royal philarmonic album returned to billboard top 100 sales album at #92. A few weeks ago debuted at #52 then dissappeared.. Billboard publish every week a list of the top 100 artists of today. In the last edition of 2018 the caroenters made that list. I think they were like #97 or so. I guess the sales and airplay of the christnas portrait, royal philarmonic and gold albums made it possible.. It was a big achievement since most of those 100 artist are rappers and/or very young stars...

Simon KC1950

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Should be enough longevity to move it into Gold status in the UK very soon.
It's definitely going to go Gold soon. It's holding strong in the Top 40 for a 5th week now, last week it got its silver award for 60,000. Just needs another 40,000. The vinyl release could push it over the boundary if it doesn't reach it by then.


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I wish it had promotion here in the US! It is a very nice package and it’s great to hear it in great fidelity. The originals are even nice in comparison. I wish there was a deluxe edition that gave more orchestra or showed progress in the making along with the finished product.


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I was just looking on Amazon.ca on my phone and it was saying that it’s Best Sellers Peak was #25 (right now it’s at #38 on Amazon’s charts). But I still haven’t seen this album in brick-and-mortar stores (and Walmart isn’t carrying any Carpenters albums at the moment, so it’s not available online or in stores from them, unlike the UK where it seems to be available through its ASDA arm), so in Canada any chart action seems to be from online only.


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Royal philarmonic #42 on uk music charts
Mother's day in the UK is March 31st. Around this time in 2005 a hits collection got to number 4 with zero publicity (I think).

If Universal are smart they could invest in some TV advertising in March (more than we got in early dec) and tie in the 50th anniversary both in publicity and on the front of the CD - it will be only 3 weeks away after all. Maybe that's why there was no mention this time around.

If that happened, and with so much less competition compared to Xmas, it could get back into the top 10.

Either way. . .No. 8 is great.


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Carpenters RPO remains at #4 Billboard Classical Music chart.

March 9, ITunes
Chile....Carpenters Gold/Greatest Hits #7
Germany...Carpenters Gold #49
Philippines...Carpenters Gold #68
France...Carpenters Gold #167
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