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Carpenters charts information*


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It is a pleasant surprise, especially coming from an album that was released 46 years ago. Summer nostalgia maybe?


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The Carpenters were featured in a "Rock Legends" episode last week on AXS TV, maybe they got a spike from some old school rockers who decided to give their music another listen?
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There could be PBS stations running pledge drives and the CLOSE TO YOU documentary. That always fuels interest in those local markets. If one or more is happening in a big city, that's enough to register on the charts.


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It’s the price! ITunes lowered it to only $4.99, so it’s a really good deal for those who don’t already own 4 or 5 copies........ it looks like UMG lowered the price on lots of greatest hits/best of titles to $4.99.


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Top 40 for “Christmas Portrait: Special Edition” on iTunes in the US and Top 100 in Canada! Seriously, by now, it has to be a Christmas Classic by any standard and be up there with Elvis’s Christmas, the Beach Boys Christmas and Bing Crosby’s Christmas albums!
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