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Carpenters charts information*


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Considering that the population of the Caymen Islands is just over 65,000, how many sales would it take to be #1 on iTunes there?

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Here's the chart ride of 'Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft' on the charts in Victoria, Australia, at the beginning of 1978.

February 10th, 1978:- No. 37.

February 17th, 1978:- No. 30.

February 24th, 1978:- No 18.

March 3rd, 1978:- No. 11.

March 10th, 1978:- No. 8.

March 17th, 1978:- No. 10.

March 24th, 1978:- No. 10.

March 31st, 1978:- ?

April 7th, 1978:- No. 16.

April 14th, 1978:- No. 21.

April 21st, 1978:- No. 27.

April 28th, 1978:- No. 39.

Another Son

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Part of Carpenters' ride on the South Australian charts for "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft". I don't have the charts from the beginning or the end of the song's chart run.

Thursday 19th January 1978:- No 6

Thursday 26th January 1978:- No 5

Thursday 2nd February 1978:- No 5

Thursday 9th February 1978:- No 6

Thursday 16th February 1978:- No 8

Thursday 23rd February 1978:- No 18

Thursday 2nd March 1978:- No 24

Thursday 9th March 1978- No 29

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Just spotted that "(They Long To Be) Close To You " is currently at #1 in Macau (A Chinese special administration region) on iTunes

and also "Gold: Greatest Hits" has re-entered the UK and Philippines Top 30 on iTunes


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I’ve not seen anything posted here about ‘Christmas Portrait’ charting over the holidays. Any word on that?
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