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Please don't think that i am not one of the biggest fans ever but i have a question about their concerts. Most of the songs seemed to be rushed and i was wondering why? I heard a comment years ago from the late Joe Osborn that early on Richard hurried their recordings on to the point they need to put a metronome up for him. Any insight into this. Again, not a criticism as I adore everything ever done by them just an observation and a lingering question.
This has come up before and there are two main reasons that I've always ascribed to.

One is showmanship. Professional musicians, when they take the stage, tend to rush through their itinerary as a sort of, "see what we can do" statement. This goes hand in hand with total familiarity with the material after performing it night after night, making it easy to rush through it.

Two, is adrenaline. Like anyone else, getting up on stage and performing gets the adrenaline pumping, and tempos just tend to get faster. I've experienced this with just the local chorus I'm in. Our rehearsals go nice and slow, and once up on our risers, the songs go fast and furious.

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