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Carpenters fall release

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With the release of the Essential Collection just three weeks away...does anyone have info. on the track listing? I have high hopes for this one!



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I have been searching all of the online retailers and there is no mention of the 4-disc "essentials" collection.

With Ice magazine due any day, I will check to see if it is still on the release schedule. I am hoping this will not be another Caropenter disapointment. I am still sad about the delay of Richard's Christmas collection. Let's hope the box set does get released this year!



UK A&M / Universal have announced this Box Set for 7/10 UK release , so far there has been no change to release schedules here.

With the success of the UK TV Documentary , the renewed Album Chart success of "Gold " (No 23) , an 900% increase in sales in one week ! and the Top 10 Budget success for "Carpenters" , this sells in huge quantities to first time Carpenters music buyers and teenagers not even born whilst Karen was alive ! UK Universal will be promoting this Box Set over the next year to reap maximum awareness and sales :)

Have contacted UK Universal for Box Set details / Track Listing etc and will post any updated information for us all as received.

This is not the Box Set that should have been released- however there will be some interesting extras and rarities included for Fans :o

Peter....waiting patiently.......


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I don't know WHAT the heck that is, but I wouldn't yet get concerned. I've seen some strange "upcoming" stuff listed on Amazon before that turns out to get changed just as release date hits.

If you start seeing the same thing on other retailers sites, then you can pretty well assume that that information has filtered down from the record company, perhaps through Muze, and sometimes even that is erroneous.

I'd like to have a nickel for every listing of Herb Alpert's MI HISTORIA album that was out there, when in fact the album was never released. That one's STILL listed on some sites.

...waiting for the real thing, online...
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