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Carpenters Forever Video

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Have any of you seen this video from Japan that was recently released? It's a great copy of some really good live performances, as well as a touching shot of Richard playing a 1965 demo tape made in the bathroom of "All of My Life." They pan up to Richard's face while he's listening to this demo, and you can see the sadness and nostalgia in his eyes, and at the end he sings along a bit.

It's kind of hard to watch the Carpenters pre 1976, live, because their stage performances were very bland. I enjoy it because I love Karen's voice, but the average person or non-fan would have been bored. They really had a much more interesting show by 1976 (thanks to the revamping of their show they had with professionals).

This is an interesting video, and amazing to see all his kids. I really like the new Christmas song he wrote. It's kind of slow and shuffly (like Santa Claus is Coming to Town), and it would have been PERFECT for Karen. Again, kind of sad watching him sing that at the piano...you wish it would seg to Karen singing the tune. Richard hasn't lost his song writing touch, though. If the right female singer covered this tune, it would certainly be a Christmas hit. (and I'm not thinking Maria Carey or Britney Spears :twisted: ).



I was just thinking (while listening to her current CD) that Diana Krall and Richard Carpenter might make an interesting pairing.


Carpenters Forever sounds different and interesting , just hope Richard will release a new Video / DVD for 2003 with some of this material and other unissued performances / footage for all the Fans.

I would not call Carpenters pre -1976 performances bland :o

Have you seen the 1974 BBC Special , Karen magnificent on drums and lead vocals with Richard & Group energetic and focused , viewed other Rock and Pop Artists of the 1970's with far less dynamics in their concerts.... :o

There are other examples of Carpenters energy performances in concert rather than some polite USA Television appearances that were filmed according to the requirements of the Producer rather than Artists :sad:

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