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CarpenterS Grammy Awards

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Within the walls of the CarpenterS performing Arts Center there is a museum-like space devoted to the careers of Karen and Richard. My question is: Did Richard donate his Grammy's for display or are they Karen's that can be viewed? Wouldn't it be a thrill to one day 'hold' one of Karen's Grammy's? As if that'll happen...But "I can Dream Can't I"?

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Hi Jeff,

Spring flowers began to bloom in my small garden.
I'm sorry I have not been to the Center, but
We can see the Carpenters' Grammies at "The Carpenters Exhibit" page of The Richard and Karen Carpenter Performing ARTS Center.


We can see the photo of Carpenters' Grammies and the American Music Award at Mrs. Yuko Ogura's page.


Click "Unveiling March 19" between pink "*Special!" and red "*Beware!".
You will see Richard and his children on the opening day of The Richard and Karen Carpenter Performing ARTS Center.

wishing that I would go to the Center someday.


Carpenters Exhibit is best viewed on the evening of CPAC Music / Stage / Film Events :)

Grammy's and American Music Award are probably Karen's originals donated by Richard to CPAC Exhibit. 1966 Hollywood Bowl Battle of The Bands is also on exhibit along with other Carpenters Rarities and Items from Career.

One Large Glass Case houses copies of RIAA Gold Discs for 10 USA Singles plus Numerous Gold / Platinum Discs for All USA Studio Albums up to Voice of The Heart and several Worldwide Album Awards from Japan , UK and Europe :)

Definately one to view and see on any trip to Long Beach.

More Carpenters Items will hopefully be included for future Anniversaries ...35th (2004) and Richard's (60th) , CPAC needs more space to house any extra exhibits..... :o

Peter...Checking Latest Exhibit Photos......
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