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Having just enjoyed both Burt Bacharach and Dionne Warwick's London concerts , Burt was amazing at 74 and still writing / arranging great new songs and Dionne opened her performance with a clever reworking of "Close To You" -far better than the average 1964 Album version.

This jolted my imagination as to the ideal songs Carpenters should have recorded for a "Bacharach & David " Album in their career , around 1980 as a tenth Anniversary release from "Close To You". This would have kick started the new decade with some classic Richard Arrangements and Karen Vocals :)

Leaving aside the three 1971 tracks (hopefully these will be released on the proposed Box Set) , "Wishin' & Hopin' " , " A House Is Not a Home " , "Trains , Boats & Planes " from the 1971 TV Series , I devised the following listing :

"What The World Needs Now "
"This Girl's In Love "
"I Say a Little Prayer"
"Raindrops Keep Falling "
"I Just Don't Know What To Do "
"Windows Of The World"
"Magic Moments "
"Anyone Who Had A Heart"
"Casino Royale " (RC/KC Instrumental)
"Wives & Lovers " (RC Vocal)
"Pacific Coast Highway "(RC Instrumental)
"Don't Make Me Over"

With an updated "Close To You" or one of the alternate versions as an extra. The later CD release could have also included the three extras and some Live tracks to boost the total running time. :)

Any other tracks or favourites to add ? :)

There could still be a Carpenters "Bacharach & David " Album release with the original songs , TV extras and any Live / Demo tracks from the Archive :D

Even enough material for a Paul Williams / Roger Nichols Album with the Singles , Album tracks and extras recorded ......

Any other suggestions / ideas ? :D

Peter....Humming B&D Plus W&N classics ......


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I wished Karen sand Alfie, this to me is the essential bacharach song. I love this song soo much i even rented the movie from the library just to understand more about the song.


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Bacharach songs are great and Karen would have sung them FLAWLESSLY. It's so sad that she didn't get to sing for very long.
I love Alfie as well, without a doubt one of my fav bacharach songs. Streisand does a nice version of this song on her final concert performance.



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Burt himself has said that of all his songs, "Alfie" is perhaps his favorite. His rendition at recent concerts is touching and heartfelt. With her incredible range, Karen would've done a masterful job on that song. In fact, she's one of few vocalists who would have been ABLE to sing some of Burt's songs.

I recall reading that there was a bit of jealousy on Dionne Warwick's part over the Carpenters having such a huge hit with "Close To You" when Burt praised them. I wonder if Karen & Richard might've backed off of doing more of Burt's songs because of it, or if it had more to do with Burt Bacharach's star fading in the '70s.

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I would not put much faith in that gossip of ill feelings since they were all good friends, as articles and interviews over the years have confessed. I believe that Richard once said that Burt was not writing as much in the mid 70's in an interview taken around the time of A Kind of Hush.

I wish that all the celebrations of Burt's songs could include Karen. If she were alive, her renditions would definately add flavor to the mix.


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Karen's renditions of "Knowing When to Leave," and especially "Make It Easy on Yourself," from the MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC medley, are among my favorite performances by her. I'll bet Burt agrees those are the best versions of those songs ever recorded.


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I would agree with Craig , Bacharach broke up officially with David in 1973 after the disaster Film Score "Lost Horizon" and other problems.This led to years of legal actions , including Dionne , doubtful whether Burt had the inclination to write new songs.

Richard has always paid tribute to B&D songs and their long term friendship , appearing in various TV & Radio docs etc and vice versa from Burt :)

Once Burt regained his confidence , he toured again , wrote several instrumental suites and teamed up with Carol Bayer Sager to write many other songs , including 1981 Carpenters track "Somebody's Been Lying ".

Dionne has mellowed after many years when other music makers having hits of B&D material annoyed her greatly , Cilla Black , Dusty Springfield in UK , even Alpert's smash "This Guy 's In Love" .Dionne opened last week's concert in London with a superb rearranged version of "Close To You " , miles better than the original 1964 studion version ! :)

Alfie would have been a great Bacharach cover as would "Look Of Love " rearranged by Richard..... :)

Peter ...awaiting more Burt / Dionne concerts.......
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