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Carpenters in the Micro-Content & Streaming Era


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I suppose the title needs some explaining. Lol

The 2020s so far have shown growing popularity in musicians, artists, singers and producers creating Micro-Content.
For example, 5-10 second clips of their songs, music videos or interview clips.

Of course Micro-content isn't anything new. Twitter is Micro-Blogging after all and that's been around for years.
The trend is that people are looking for 'smaller bites' to consume for everything and that includes music too.

Social Media companies have all started to jump on the direction.
YouTube rolled out 'Shorts' and Instagram just came out with 'Reels.' In order to keep up with Tik Tok and Snapchat.

This has even been going on in Television and Film to a lesser extent.
Advertisements these days are 6 seconds and every film usually cuts to a different shot every 3-4 seconds.
It's kinda crazy to think about.
I never thought in all my years I'd be writing a thread like this, btw. This is the way of the world currently.

Arts & Culture are moving fast towards consuming media in this way along with streaming websites/apps.
Audiences aren't necessarily listening to a full song anymore.
I suppose for Carpenters fans like us that are attentive with our musical selections it's weird to think of not listening to a song's full duration.

As far as I can tell, The Carpenters social media has not been posting to Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts.
It seems those are ways to either promote music streams or introduce your brand to new audiences.

So, despite the obvious disadvantages to have almost everything reduced to soundbites and clips here and there, what do you think would make for good Carpenters Micro-Content?

Which songs or parts would you choose as maybe a 30 seconds to 59 second clip (59 seconds is maximum for Micro-videos)? Or perhaps which interview clips would you use to share around with one of these features? Perhaps fans have a good idea of some gems that need to be in circulation.

I'm only asking out of curiosity and simply to generate conversation on how The Carpenters legacy may continue on during what looks to be a decade of streaming and micro-content. Feel free to share ideas. :)
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Deconstructing videos. Breaking down the harmonies (vocal and instrumental). How things were recorded, composed, charted, layered etc. If it has a cool teaching aspect to it, the younger generation will learn the classics and the fundamentals of music. In a short clip it could work? "Hey wanna know how this iconic duo make "this" sounds like "THIS?"
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