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Carpenters Japanese Releases


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I have been collecting Japanese cds for a while. Love the studio albums editions which have a different colors on each cd (Carpenters Logo)

New photo by Jorge Moraga-Bernier

Compilations such as Treasures, Sweet Memory, and Anthology are favorites of mine.

Has anybody on the forum been able to get replacements for those japanese cds cases, they are cd jewel boxes with white instead of black, and some of them are even thicker or bigger than the standard case (Like "Live in Japan")
I was in Tokyo last year and saw cases for sale, but thought at the moment would be annoying to travel with them.

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The white CD jewel cases from Japan are cool. When I put together my 2 extra Sweet Memory CD's 7 & 8 of course I had to get 2 of those white cases so they replicated the originals. It makes the extra 2 look even more official. Along with the 3 you mentioned above, I have these that also came with a white CD jewel case from Japan.

By Request
Karen Carpenter Solo
Yesterday Once More Original Master Karaoke
As Time Goes By
Best Vol 1 and Vol 1 here

It's too bad the Japan release of the RPO did not use the white jewel case.
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