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Interesting, so it’s possible this plastic one came out after the paper ones so it wouldn’t be a 1st press so to speak.

I just looked at my CTY CD and it looks exactly like this one CD 3184 Made in USA. Same exact 3 logos above that too.
My Japanese box sets list the same number. Interesting, because the original album was A&M 4271.
Can anyone tell me what version of the CD comes in these long boxes? I see a few for sale that are empty and I would like to put the correct CD in them. What year did these come out?
I believe that long boxes were only used in the US, maybe Canada, so the CDs that came in them would be the original AM+ CDs. They would have the catalog numbers of CD xxxx. Often they originally had smooth CD jewel box edges, not the rippled ones now common. It varied as to who pressed the original CDs. Each title was pressed in West Germany and Japan early on for the US. Later, the US started pressing the CDs.
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