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Carpenters "Name That Tune"

Rick-An Ordinary Fool

Let Go...Let God (ONJ)
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Let's have some fun and play name that Carpenters tune.
Here's how it works. We can open this to any Carpenters tune,
including Richard/Karen's solo tracks, even duets as long as one of the duo is present.
It might be easier to keep it to officially released songs.
Post the lyric (must be at least 4 words as anything less will be too hard to guess)

If you play and guess the tune you must list the next 4 word lyric for the next person to guess.
Cheating by googling the lyric will get you disqualified :laugh:

So can you guess this Carpenters tune?

"the times I've tried"

Simon KC1950

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I've got it... "Happy"

I was singing those 4 words but couldn't pin the song... Wow that was frustrating ! :laugh:

Here's the next:

"Like falling leaves on.."
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