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Carpenters on TV


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Hi all,

I recently joined, but am really enthusiastic about Carpenters TV appearances. I know that some of these have been discussed ad nauseum. I am hoping to generate some interest, some feedback, and learn more from everyone else.

What are some of your favorite Carpenters TV appearances, and, more importantly, how can a collector view your favorite clips?

I know many are opposed to lip-synced performances. I personally think they're fine, and Karen was a great lip-syncer, so I have no qualms about it. What I like about Make Your Own Kind of Music were a few things--first, there was such attention to color. To this day, "Reason to Believe" is a red (vermilion-ish) and blue song to me. "Bless the Beasts and Children" will always make me think of that purple, orange and white set. Second, I'm a fan of the multi-camera set-up. There's no doubt that each lip-synced performance on MYOKOM was filmed in one shot, from start to finish. That, to me, says talent on Karen's and Richard's part.

Other than that, I think maybe my other favorite performance was "For All We Know" on the Andy Williams Show. Listening to that song will always evoke that blue and white set with the pillowy clouds on the floor!



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For me, it's orange and brown for FOR ALL WE KNOW with Andy Williams.....RED and Black for A Place To Hideaway....I know I have seen a lot of my mother's clothes in the 1970s but I never saw anything as weird (and not making fun of KC) but the green and white gingham outfit with the huge sleeves is beyond me for the ONE LOVE number, or the LET ME BE THE ONE where she wears an apron-y white HUGE sleeved outfit......Mom and I were talking about some of the outfits of th e1970s and polyester fabrics....not about the Carpenters, just about fashion in general and I was watching this clip on youtube about FALLS and hairpieces and what I think KC did was she wore probably 3 fall pieces. One on each side and one at the back in the ponytail. The part of the "bump" on her head was her real hair pulled back and some of the ponytail or hidden under the ponytail but that she wore probably a soft piece of padding attached to her hair and that she placed her own hair on top of it....also fashionable by 72 or 73 were the hair pieces with a braid like attached to it, she wore when she sings A SONG FOR YOU on the Bob Hope tv special....
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