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Carpenters: Original Master Karaoke

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by dvakman, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. dvakman

    dvakman Member Thread Starter

    What an amazing set. This is a great opportunity to study the backing vocals in particular in more detail.

    I was able to track these down here, and I wanted to share for anyone else who may be interested:

    Carpenters Instrumental Tracks w/ Backing Vocals
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  2. Many of us have the original 2-disc set from Japan (BEST OF BEST+), the slightly later-issued single-disc version (ORIGINAL MASTER KARAOKE), and/or the 22 HITS anniversary edition that included ORIGINAL MASTER KARAOKE as a second disc. The latter added one more song, "Sing", to the set.

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  3. dvakman

    dvakman Member Thread Starter

    HAHA, I realize you all probably already have these mixes. I'm flashing a bit of a NEWBIE sign here maybe, but hopefully some other fan who has been looking for these mixes will come across this post ... it certainly took me a while to track them down.
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  4. Brian

    Brian Active Member

    I love this set. Like you say, dvakman, it gives us a chance to better hear the backing vocals and the instrumentation for those songs we love so well.

    I used to listen to this CD constantly in the 90s but haven't heard it since then. I'll have to pull it out for another play. :)
  5. In my searches around the net, I've occasionally run across this cover art:


    ...and I finally managed to nab one. It's a sort-of karaoke/original EP from around 1996, containing eight tracks with four different songs. Each original track is followed by its karaoke version. It was made in Japan as an official A&M release, POCM-1529.

    The four songs are "Top Of The World", "I Need To Be In Love", "Yesterday Once More" and "(They Long To Be) Close To You". As these karaoke mixes were all prepared in 1991 or so, the main and backing tracks feature the 1991 remixes. Detailed in the Resource.

    Whenever I was led to this cover art, I've been drawn to the design - the colors, the starburst pattern. It just looks classy to me. There are no pictures whatsoever in the booklet or back cover.
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