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Carpenters-Promo Copy of "A Foreplay Special" 33 1

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I picked this up today from my local record dealer. Anyone know how rare this is? Or any background info on this. It's the size of a 45 but you play it like a LP.

There are 7 tracks listed on the record and it is the same on both sides.

Can you see which song is missing from the tracks? Wonder why? That was one of there hits too.

Thanks for any info you all may have.

I have to say that there is something quite different with this 45.

First each track is not played in its' completion, they start playing about 1 or 2 min & then a guy comes on & starts talking about each, for instance on "I just fall in love again" the guy says, " Still no C album would be complete without one of Karens classic ballads, there are 2 on passage Karen has never sounded more richer, warmer & more convincing than on this song" The guys voice is really rich sounding.

The guy also talks about who wrote the song & how Richard arranged it, remember its just a few words, mostly the song is playing, there isn't that much talk but there is some. It's quite interesting. It's like this guy is promoting Passage. He really talks up Richard & Karen. Very uplifting.

He says that Two sides is an instant classic & I'm sure you'll agree with me. then the song plays.

Then DOnt Cry For Me Agrentina plays, He says were gonna rap up this foreplay with this song & it plays for about a 1 min then fades off.

I have never in my life heard of something like this. I would imagine only the DJ's heard this right?



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"Foreplay" was a series of special promotional records issued to radio stations. Instead of just shlepping out regular issue promo singles and albums, A&M launched this series to entertain and inform those at the radio stations that made decisions about which records to play. Typically, they'd be issued in advance of a normal release, and the idea was for these NOT to be broadcast, hence the edited versions, fade-outs, fade-ins, and announcer/interview talk segments. There were also a few that did just feature the music being promoted.

I've not seen a 7" version like this, Chris, but have several in 12" form. None that I have however feature any Carpenters material. Good find.

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It's missing the track, All U Get From Love is a Love Song. Maybe there was not room for it.

It is neat to hear what the guy says about each track.

Would be interesting to hear if anyone else here has any "other" of these Foreplay Carpenters Records.

It's kinda funny cause in the begining the intro Tony Peluso Carpenters DJ talks before Calling Starts & after he says his final thing, "sorry mike, huh" then the alien people say "with you" then the guy says CARPENTERS, then the alien says, "ready" then the guy goes, "that's right Carpenters", then the song plays, & the guy says, Introducing a new stage in the musical life of the ever innovative Carpenters, Passage is a new departure in a whole new way, etc etc... Almost makes you feel the guy talking is in the same room as the Carpenters when they are playing.

I love this stuff.


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It is kinda hard to remember, but I believe All You Get was released before Passage, but only by a few weeks. Sweet Sweet Smile was released as a single after Passage. Calling Occupants was released the season before. Does my memory serve me?



Craig ,

Yes, You're Correct...All You Get was Released (May 1977) , Calling Occupants (Sept 1977) and Sweet , Sweet Smile (Jan 1978).

Perhaps All You Get was Omitted as by September 1977, A&M Were Focusing on Passage Album and With These Short Tracks / Interviews and Extras Wanted Radio Stations to Decide On Future Singles and Favourite Airplay Tracks :wink:

Interesting to Know How Many Copies Were Issued and the Impact Foreplays Had on Carpenters and other A&M Artists Releases etc :o

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