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Carpenters rare video clips


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does someone know where this clip is from?
i also saw i picture of it
i also saw a picture of this that wasn’t in that little snippet

Billy Rees

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Hello Billy!
no sadly enough no. do you know on which channel swap shop was broadcasted? maybe it is in the archives from that channel, i do think they still have that in their archives because there is also archived material from abba on the swap shop in 1978 on youtube.
with kind regards,
Chris Bruinsma

It was broadcast on BBC1 on Saturday 24th October 1981
Sadly, it's one of the many missing episodes from the archives...

Here's what was said about it in the Radio Times TV magazine:

Swap Shop

Presented by Noel Edmonds with Keith Chegwin , John Craven and Maggie Philbin
Three fun-packed hours of live, non-stop entertainment.
Get airborne this morning as the show takes off in a dozer. different directions - will it ever come to earth?
Cheggers' Roadshow takes to the air - but Keith's keeping his feet firmly on the ground.
Bernie Clifton is a very funny man, and he's given to flights of fancy!
You can't get higher than ' Interplanetary craft' - and Karen and Richard Carpenter should know: they got this song to the very top of the charts. Meet them on terra firma today.
Want to know more? Tune in and find out what we're ' up' to. You can ring us ' 'up' or ' 'drop' us a line. The number: [number removed](from 9.30 am); and the address: BBCtv, London W12 8QT.
Assistant editor CRISPIN EVANS
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I don’t think that’s the case with that particular song. The video is cleverly paused right before it would have shifted to the group part of the song in the original special.
When you watch the opening to Music, Music, Music on YouTube, there’s A Song For You followed by the welcome intro, and then the video of them at the piano pause, and a different Karen fades in, in between the paused Karen & Richard, and after a few seconds the piano fades out. Also at the end, they are still on the 4 different Karen’s and Richard’s when they fade to Ella Fitzgerald.

Whereas the DVD has about 2 seconds of silence as Karen fades in on top of black before she zooms off to the left of the screen. Then at the very end, it fades to an unused take that fades into the Center of the 4 KR’s and zooms to fill up the 4:3 frame, of Karen and Richard from the front (in the 4 KR’s you have Karen solo in the top left, Karen & Richard, with Richard on the outside in the Top Right, K& R with Karen on the outside on the bottom left and solo Richard on the bottom right, and then the freeze frame is from straight in front).

So the DVD/VHS/Laserdisc video for Without A Song has clearly been edited from the video for Music, Music, Music. It looks like in the 90’s Richard might’ve had the original analog video layers transferred to digital videotape and the video rebuilt and re-edited so that it could be included in the video collection. So WAS (just like From This Moment On) could easily be the one video where it could be classed as an entirely new video and not one that was broadcast in the 70’s , as the audio on the DVD/VHS/Laserdisc is in stereo, just like the CD.


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Hello Harry,
i Know what this documentairy is i have it on dvd myself, but in the beginning when they say "they did it with tender-loving and care" they show a little snippet video of them together in a studio here is a photo so you can see what i mean.

with Kind regards,
Chris Bruinsma

Carpe diem

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I know that this video of sweet sweet smile is fairly common but i just like her personality in this one.

I'm a big fan of this video as well. Karen had the "IT" factor and it's exemplified in this video. This is why she had to be brought out from behind the drums and be the star. And at this point, she works the stage with confidence, letting all her effervescence and natural charm show through. Such a transformation from her stage presence when they first started out.


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craptastic70s once had a carpenters live performance of top of the world in holland but it was deleted, i found it somewhere in 240p quality and posted it on my channel but i contacted the guy and he posted it again in 480p quality!! he doesn't have the whole concert... maybe it will turn up someday.


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It's from the Bob Hope show. Same day as they performed A Song For You. In this documentary there are many Carpenters clips with very good quality spread throughout, intertwined with ABBA and Bee Jees stuff. It's a shame that my German is not very good..
I will try to post the time of the clips where they appear because there really are a lot of hidden treasures!
i posted a video on youtube with all the clips together
The carpenters Top of the world on the Bob hope special 1972
The carpenters close to you live at the white house


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Does anyone know what songs Anne Murray sang on MYOKOM and did she interact on camera with the Carpenters. I know her Idol was on the show Dusty Springfield...and KC got to talk with her. Coincidently, all three woman sang I JUST FALL IN LOVE AGAIN with Karen recording it first....
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