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Carpenters REMINSCING album


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Hi All,
I remember a big REMINSCING album by the Carpenters, a greatest hits collection, released here in Canada in the Fall of 1988....when I first became a fan in Spring of 1988....and I remember they showed commercials of video clips and everyone in our house that saw the beginning of the commercial would scream my name and say it's one...and we'd drop everything to see it, and they showed video clips of probably almost the same clips as Yesterday Once More (although I don't remember seeing those on tv around 1984 or 1985 etc).....as the family knew I was a beginning fan. We did this though for anything us kids or Mom liked....Abba, Julie Andrews, The Sound of Music etc....but I remember being thrilled to see video clips of them although brief.....when I wrote to the Fan Club in 1989, Ev gave me a phamplet of what they had, and where we could order extra things, and so finally I ordered the Yesterday Once More video and it was probably around $20 or $30 then which was, to me, a big chuck on money as I was still in High School.....when it came, we rented a VCR player and watched it and I was soooo enthralled to see Richard and Karen...and I watched and watched and watched over and over again....I was mesmerized....but yeah, REMINISCING, you would see it in all the stores, department stores, displays of the cassette, LP's, and the new compact disks....I cannot remember if there was any big cut outs of them at all....

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