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Official Review Carpenters Royal Philharmonic Review and Comments Thread

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John Eidsvoog

Well-Known Member
Thanks John! Do you have any idea when he’ll be done with these updates and if the physical media will be re-released with updated versions?
All of these updates were done last fall before the release of the album.

I wonder how the RPO players would feel knowing their contributions have been deleted and replaced. It all seems a bit unnecessary to me.
Richard didn't completely replace the woodwinds nor did he completely replace the strings. He just touched up a few spots and also changed his mind about some of the writing he had done and revised it, some of it because he felt he had altered the original a little too much for his and the fans' taste. The vast majority of what you hear is from the RPO.

John Adam

Well-Known Member
Thought this thread needed a "bump." :)

I'm listening to the current digital version of the RPO album. "Yesterday Once More" has had so many changes, that I can't decide what I like best! The vocals (in general) are so much dryer sounding than in all the remixed versions. Another thing I really noticed is how strong Karen's vocals were early on, like on "For All We Know and Baby It's You." How wonderful the orchestral flourishes are on the big hits, and how natural they exist with the original arrangements. "Ticket To Ride" really benefits from the electric piano and orchestra. It's sounds like the definitive ballad version. It's amazing how -modern- a track like "We've Only Just Begun" can sound!

I do wish that they would of segued "Hurting into Postman" with more orchestral flourishes to Postman's beginning. My other request would of been using the 1978 vocal of "INTBIL" and orchestrated the crap out of it! That, and just Karen would of made it completely timeless. But overall, my gosh it's Classic Carpenters! Plus if you personally don't think so, all the originals and remixes are still there to enjoy............
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