• Two exciting new Carpenters releases are now available. The new book Carpenters: The Musical Legacy can be ordered here. A big thanks to the authors and Richard Carpenter for their tremendous effort in compiling this book! Also, the new solo piano album Richard Carpenter's Piano Songbook is available for ordering here.

📣 News Carpenters: The Musical Legacy (Discussion)


Somehow you brought the gambler out in me...
Any chance we will see Richard talk about any future endeavors regarding music releases or do we get to hear another “that’s it”?


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Sonofagun! Took a break from social media for a long, long while due mostly to politics fatigue. Was reading Howard Kaylan's "Shell Shocked" last week and pondered at one point how regrettable it is that Richard Carpenter never penned an autobiography. Wandered back here just to see if anything new had transpired in the last year or so, and wow. What an amazing surprise. Book sounds incredible -- preordered last night with much anticipation. Thanks to all who've made this happen. So exciting!

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This is so cool...I can't wait to read every word, have a feeling I will be learning stuff I didn't know.
I like the cover and looking forward to the photos as well. I hope this opens the door to some further projects with RIchard.
Great job guys!!
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Every now and then over the last few weeks, I've been checking in to all the online Amazon stores, (US, UK, Canada, Australia), as well as some of the other outlets mentioned in the posts above, and the book hasn't been available to Australia. This morning, I checked the US store and they are now shipping it to Australia, so I've finally been able to order a copy. So anyone else who lives far and wide, you may also now be able to order.

Thanks very much to Mike Cidoni Lennox, Chris May and Richard for creating "Carpenters: The Musical Legacy".

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I just noticed your Hush avatar is an outtake photo not previously seen. Nice!
Any news on further promotional activity?
HA! Wait 'til you see it full page :wink:

Our publisher is working with us and Universal on that. It all gets rolled out in stages as we get closer. I'll do my best to keep everyone here updated as I have more information. But to answer your question—yes, there are some promotional things in the works, just can't get too specific yet!


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I did too. They also have most of the remaining vinyl on sale at 25% off. Even the individual pieces of vinyl are still very poor quality. I’ve tried again with Lovelines and RPO. Just as bad, if not worse than the ones from a few years back. Money not well spent this time either. I was hoping they cleaned them up by now.
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