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News Carpenters: "The Vinyl Collection"

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by Simon KC1950, Mar 28, 2017.

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  1. Carpe diem

    Carpe diem Well-Known Member

    Since my Carpenters vinyl is incomplete and I bought them on ebay (they are in various states of "trauma" to a greater or lesser degree), this might be a worthwhile purchase for me. My copy of Horizon was thrown into the jacket without an inner sleeve and it "pops" tremendously on Solitaire. Now & Then plays beautifully on every track but Jambalaya, where it skips. For the most part, I'm OK with them (they are listenable and you get what you pay for). But with this, I would have a complete collection that is NEW! New vinyl, New covers, New inner sleeves! My only objection is Ticket To Ride over Offering. It's just plain wrong/dirty old shame not to include their debut album in all its sun flowered glory in favor of the reissue. I know the music is the same, but... It's too bad they couldn't have included Christmas Portrait somehow. One thing is for sure, $180 is more doable than $300+ for this. Overall, based on the photo, it looks like a pretty nice set.
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  2. ThaFunkyFakeTation

    ThaFunkyFakeTation Ah am so steel een luv weeth yoo

    As I expected, it'll be the "Ticket to Ride" cover, not the "Offering" cover. Given how long the "Offering" cover has been out of circulation, I wonder if anyone even still has the parts for it anymore.


  3. Rumbahbah

    Rumbahbah Well-Known Member

    I suppose it might be a nice one-top-shop for a newbie who doesn't own any of the vinyl albums, but there's nothing on here that I don't already have, so it's not of interest to me.

    Not using the original Offering sleeve is a real missed opportunity as I'm sure that would have been a big incentive for some buyers. I don't really understand the inclusion of the Singles album either - aside from the segues, all the materials on there is already on the set elsewhere.
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  4. Someday

    Someday Active Member

    Amazon: "soft touch box with embossed front title". What's a soft-touch box?? Cushion-effect maybe ...
  5. Song4uman

    Song4uman Well-Known Member

    Maybe a dumb question. What kind of vinyl would all of my albums be? This is 180 gram.
  6. Song4uman

    Song4uman Well-Known Member

    And do we know how they are mastered?
    And do we know that there won’t be a 50th anniversary something?
  7. tomswift2002

    tomswift2002 Well-Known Member

    This feels like a vinyl version of the old CD Collection from 1989, just with The Singles instead of Christmas Portrait. It would’ve been nice if “As Time Goes By” had been included.

    Compact Disc Collection (1989)
  8. Chris May

    Chris May Resident 'Carpenterologist' Moderator

    I talked to my friend Jim Pierson last night and he said the he knows they were working to get all the original design elements properly and fully recreated such as flaps and inner sleeves, etc.. He’ll be at Universal next week and check. They also gave him some other recent samples like Glen Campbell that were good quality.

    Other than that the vinyl is 180g.
  9. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    Wrapped, no fingerprints. I'm over the moon. Another collectible. Worth the wait.
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  10. theninjarabbit

    theninjarabbit Well-Known Member

    Thanks Chris. Always excited to read your messages on this thread! :D

    I'm on the "Offering" bandwagon. If the original cover was included, would have pushed me over the edge on that LP.
  11. Mark-T

    Mark-T Well-Known Member

    Really nice artwork on the box. Almost like photo/art "outakes" from Hush. Classy!
  12. Personally, I am not a fan of that unattractive Offering cover photo. As far as Carpenters cover art goes, Ticket To Ride ended up being one of their nicer cover photos. I think perhaps the reason it wasn’t recreated for this set is because it would “dilute” the collectibility of those original existing copies.
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  13. Speaking for the fans, it all “hinges” on those flaps! :wink:
  14. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    I'm going to buy the individual albums for spinning and then 2 box sets cause I have a penchant for any and all memorabilia. I ordered my sets yesterday from my record buyer friends business. While there I met the owner who is a die-hard CarpenterS music collector. IF there's any promo matter it will be coming my way. Maybe that adds to the jubilee.
  15. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    To collectors OFFERING might increase in value.
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  16. ars nova

    ars nova Active Member

    I have the OFFERING ALBUM, along with LOVELINES. I would think LOVELINES to be the rarer of the two. several years back, a friend showed me an ebay ad for OFFERING being listed for $ 600.00. my friend said I should list mine, I told him a seller could ask any price he wanted, doesnb't mean he's going to sell it.
  17. I already have every single one of these on vinyl; however, I am probably going to purchase for sake of collecting. I think it will look nice on my cd/record shelf. The only vinyl LP I don't have is As Time Goes By, since, I think, it was never in vinyl. I wish they would have included that...but not a "deal breaker" for me.
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  18. Chris May

    Chris May Resident 'Carpenterologist' Moderator

    It's confirmed that each album features the restored original packaging and related artwork. Also it was mastered for vinyl by Ron McMaster at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles. More info to come...

    Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 9.02.14 AM.png
    Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 9.02.26 AM.png
    Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 9.02.37 AM.png
  19. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the inspiring update Chris May!
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  20. Rick-An Ordinary Fool

    Rick-An Ordinary Fool Well-Known Member

    Is this the same Ron McMaster?

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  21. Chris May

    Chris May Resident 'Carpenterologist' Moderator

    That's him!
  22. Song4uman

    Song4uman Well-Known Member

    Not sure for myself. Most of my vinyl are pretty clean and I have all of them, plus Offering. Hmm. I may go ahead since it a good price.

    The only thing is that I would hate to buy this and then something REALLY awesome come out for the 50th and I might not have the money to spend at that time.

    I know these will be 180g vinyl. What grade of vinyl are the albums I already own made of?????
  23. Song4uman

    Song4uman Well-Known Member

    Also, will these be the original vinyl masters or will they use (as some have mentioned) the remastered CD versions?
  24. Song4uman

    Song4uman Well-Known Member

    AND I still like the idea I shared a while back about a gate fold with Ticket and Offering both AND colored vinyl for each album. :)
  25. It’s great to find out that the original covers and booklets are going to be replicated , I think buying this at the price suggested is an absolute bargain for those 12 albums. I really feel it’s a superb price. Ok I was bummed out that the Offering cover isn’t going to be used but this is looking better and better!.
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