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News Carpenters: "The Vinyl Collection"

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by Simon KC1950, Mar 28, 2017.

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  1. Graeme

    Graeme Active Member

    I recently purchased a turntable as my wife has some old records and my parents gave me their old 60s records. I thought it might be a slippery slope when it came to the Carpenters but so far I've resisted, until I placed an order for the Carpenters Collected release. Tempted by the whole boxset but I'm going to wait until after it's been released and some of you good and knowledgeble folk have played and assessed them. I'm not sure how I'd feel though if I bought it and there was a new extra special 50th anniversary release. I couldn't really justify two sets.

    I was unsure about vinyl initially. But it is more of a musical experience somehow. What I've enjoyed most so far, and I hadn't realised I'd missed this with cassette tapes, is flipping from side 1 to 2. It seems to make an album more enjoyable somehow. I loath two sided DVDs though!
  2. David A

    David A Active Member

  3. sussex salvo

    sussex salvo New Member


    I'm always in for any new release. Every time I pass up on one, it costs me a lot more to find it later. I have this on order as well as both a white and a black set of the other new vinyl coming out. Yes, I know I have many versions already of just about every song they have done; but, I am a really sick demented completest, as you all know. I'm excited about this set even though I will probably never even listen to it.

    On another note. I just got the new Herb Alpert Christmas CD and it is excellent. I would recommend it to anyone and will probably give a few away this year, it's that good. It's nice to hear Richard on "Merry Christmas Darling."
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  4. As far as I know, it will be under our Christmas tree this year. I've been a very good boy! :wink:
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  5. Carpe diem

    Carpe diem Well-Known Member

    Man, I am straddling the fence big-time! I have been on the fence so long for this I'm going to have to swing by the store and get some "Preparation H" when all is said and done. Why can't I just man-up and fall on either one side or the other? I would hate to have to go to my wife for this:eek:; she doesn't even know about my Carpenters obsession and I would have to do "honey-do's" from now until kingdom come. I admire your tenacity Jeff...you will let nothing get in your way from getting your Carpenter "fix" (not even those pesky babies:laugh:!).
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  6. I'm in. But will probably wait until December to order.
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  7. I'm in. I figure what the hey, $150 isn't THAT much these days. Plus I have all the original LPs but they're in "playing condition". So I'll probably not play this set, but I will reserve the right to change my mind... :phones:
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  8. So far I've resisted this one. I have so many Carpenters recordings on CD, plus all of the original vinyl, it just seems like it's a duplication. If there's word of something unique or different, I might spring for a set, but really, it just isn't something I feel I have to have. And then there's the matter of storage...

    I DID pre-order the COLLECTED vinyl as that's something a little outside the norm. I'm not all that excited by white vinyl - heck, Carpenters are always accused of being too vanilla! I just ordered a regular vinyl set, but it's supposed to have a Karen solo track and Richard's "Karen's Theme". I don't have either of those in vinyl anywhere.
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  9. Toolman

    Toolman Simple Man, Simple Dream

    Despite previous protests I've preordered it. I would have bought "Lovelines" regardless, maybe "Horizon" and "The Singles" due to how much the jackets of my originals have worn. Basically convinced myself it wasn't going to cost me that much more just to buy the whole set, even though I already have all but one. I'll definitely be very disappointed if the pressing quality sucks. I've had mixed experiences with new 180g vinyl. Blown away by how good Paul Simon's "Stranger to Stranger" sounded. Have quite a few limited-run "record store day" albums, like "Fleetwood Mac Alternate Mirage" and a Hollies live set, that have sounded great. My copy of the Monkees' "Good Times" skipped multiple times on the first few tracks and I wasn't very impressed with the sound on Buckingham/McVie either. Just a visceral reaction -- have no idea what I'm hearing, technically.

    Anyway, here's hoping Universal done good.
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  10. LondonRobert

    LondonRobert Active Member

    Vinyl 'can' sound amazing, BUT it depends on the mastering. Modern releases can be compressed to the max and if this is used when creating the records then it's a step back. Original Abba on vinyl sounds so much better than the recent vinyl releases which have used the brickwalled and compressed mastered versions. You therefore lose the benefits of the gorgeous warm analogue sound of vinyl.
    I think I'm going to stick with all my original 'memory full when purchasing' albums. No bonus tracks or anything else to tempt me really.
  11. Sue

    Sue Member

    There is so much technical talk in this thread that I don't have a clue about but if I could ask what probably seems like a daft question...
    Are The Collected vinyl release and The Vinyl Collection release being done by the same company?
  12. I don't believe so. I think their timing is coincidental to be near Christmas.
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  13. Music on Vinyl - Collected
    Universal - boxed set
  14. Song4uman

    Song4uman Active Member

    I have preordered. I have all of the vinyl but a couple were purchased used. With all of this conversation I am concerned feeling like maybe I should cancel.

    Chris May will you be able to find out what quality of pressing will occur??
  15. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    Regret is a terrible thing. These won't be around long. Soon Ebay will have them. Then what?
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  16. Rudy

    Rudy ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Site Admin

    Just as Wayne says. :agree: Music on Vinyl only licensed the title from Universal for reissue. A&M was absorbed by Universal many years ago (by way of Polygram).
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  17. Rick-An Ordinary Fool

    Rick-An Ordinary Fool Well-Known Member

    I have a few Music on Vinyl releases and they are very quite and overall sound very nice, although they are all digital transfers.

    I'm still on the fence about this vinyl collection, too many questions still concern me and I hope Chris M. can address some of this. What transfers were used and was Richard involved at all in this project? Are these just digital transfers of the remastered classic masters?

    It was quite different for me with the Japan CD box sets where we knew Richard was involved with additional liner notes as well, then the meticulous artwork that the Japanese got exactly right, it's breathtaking just holding them in your hand admiring how they replicated the original albums in mini size. They were and are a true collectors item for the Carpenters fan.
  18. I look at this with an open mind, it has once again brought The Carpenters into the spotlight. There has also been an increase in communication on this thread which shows at least that people are excited or doubtful about the set, which is always good for discussion. I feel anything is better than nothing at all and maybe as has been mentioned this may be a “Toe in the water” for something more substantial further down the line. If this sells well then perhaps Richard will think yes it’s time to do my take on it with my own boxed set?.
    Whatever way it increases exposure and will open up this tremendous work to some new fans along the way. There is no mention of a hardback book to enhance this which I find very odd though, every boxed set I have purchased in the past 6 years (apart from the Oasis Discography box, which was a similar slip case arrangement) has had an accompanying book.
    The reality of record collecting at the moment is that many consider it a financial investment for the future. A sort of savings account if you will, a lot of collectors I know don’t even open records leaving them mint and un played in their outer cellophane wrap to increase in value once deleted. I know it’s sad but it’s very true.

    A couple of examples

    Beck Sea Change MFSL released 4 years ago purchase price £44 - current sealed value £300.
    Marvin Gaye - what’s Going on MFSL - purchase price £34 - current sealed price I’ve £175!.

    And there are 1,000s Of recent records like that.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
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  19. Rick-An Ordinary Fool

    Rick-An Ordinary Fool Well-Known Member

    I agree Wayne, none of the promo photos or any of the linked articles talk about this set having any booklet. It would seem that if it was included it would be shown as a guide to what your getting. It would be another incentive to get the box set vs individual ones.

    The 2 LP set of Collected indicates that a 4 page booklet with liner notes and photos will be included, if the booklet is the size of the LP's that would allow for more content than say smaller type booklet. I hope it's a booklet more in the lines of what came inside From The Top 12x12 box set, that is a really special inner booklet.
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  20. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    Holy moly, the closer these release dates get, the more I'm thrown back to yesterday once more. The song YOM takes on a deeper meaning now. This is the exact emotion I had in the early 70s. If only the Downey Fan Club were still here. I'd have a gas corresponding with Ev and Rosina. The same fever has enveloped me. My 2 sets and maybe an arm load of promo jazz. My outfit on release day will surely sport a CarpenterS t-shirt.
  21. ScottyB

    ScottyB Active Member

    I saw on Amazon that the albums will be available individually as well as the box set at a cost of $22.50 each.
  22. I am on the fence. I own all the LP's in fairly good shape. I own the 40th anniversary Japanese set with all the CD's imported into itunes.I really don't need this. YET....the idea of owning pristine Carpenters vinyl in highly tempting.

    I will likely wait for a few hands on reviews first. If it had the Christmas LP's and the two solo LP's too, I'd have already ordered regardless. Odds are though unless they are a disaster I will end up caving in.
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  23. tomswift2002

    tomswift2002 Active Member

    Speaking of quality, on track you don't want to judge the vinyl quality on is "Druscilla Penny". I was just listening to it on the PBS Singles set, and at first I though they had used an old vinyl copy for transfer, before I realized it was part of the mix, as the song has those two jumps that sound like a bad scratch on a vinyl record.
  24. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    It wasn't til I had bought 2 lps and then an 8 track that I realized those pops were intended.
  25. You guys just don't "get" the syncopation in the kick drum, do you?
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