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CD Box Sets From Japan (Part 1)


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My collection of Carpenters cds has grown so large and unwieldy over time that I finally decided to undertake a comprehensive cataloguing of it. In so doing, I was half surprised to find that I have more box sets (sets with 4+ discs) from Japan than any other country in the world (including the US). Perhaps this is a powerful testimony to Carpenters' enduring and unparalleled popularity in that country.

Here is a tally of the box sets from Japan in my collection. Anyone who has, or knows of, a Japanese box set not on this list, please share the information so I can hunt it down and add to my collection. Thanks in advance.

1. Collection (1986) [D300Y3243(1)/(12)]

This is the first ever box set from Japan (and probably in the world). It contains the first 10 studio albums and the Live At The Palladium disc, plus a most unique 12th disc with strange cover art and consisting of only 2 tracks: Honolulu City Lights and Slow Dance. That same cover art would be used in the following year on the single release of Honolulu City Lights/I Just Fall In Love Again.


2. Anthology (1989) [PCCY 10023]

A 4-disc set reissued in 1997 [POCM 1556/9].


3. Sweet Memory (1995) [KY01]

This 6-disc set was issued both in 6 individual slip cases (as is common) and as a single box set (very rare). The entire set was reissued in 2016 as Best Songs [DCT 3001/6].


4. Original Album Collection (1998) [POCM 9051/61]

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Carpenters' first album, the first 11 studio albums were issued in mini-LP carboard sleeves, both individually and in a very nice single box with the Now & Then cover art.


5. 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition (1998) [POCM 9040/9050]

A limited release with the same 11 discs as in the Original Album Collection, but the cover art of the first album was changed from Ticket To Ride to Offering.


To be continued.....
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