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Due to ongoing security and privacy issues beyond our control, we will be discontinuing support for the Tapatalk and Forum Runner mobile applications.

Both of these add-ons for XenForo work outside the "system" that runs the forum, and that inherently makes them a risk to our server security as they are two additional points of entry for hackers to bypass security and gain administrative access. Not only does that compromise our server security, it also puts our members' private data at risk. Also, ongoing support and software updates for both of these products is spotty at best, and we still have unresolved bugs from two years ago that they have failed to address. Hence, our decision to remove support for these two applications.

Fortunately, we have a far better alternative already available to you, right now! XenForo 1.2 now has a built-in "responsive" layout. When the width of the display device gets narrower, the forum layout adapts instantly. You can even do this with your browser! View the forum in a browser window, and start making it narrower. Notice that as you make it more narrow, various forum elements shift into new locations or minimize. This makes the forum usable on both smartphones and tablets, with an optimized experience no matter what the device. No special app or other software is needed--just your standard web browser.

Other benefits of the Responsive view over forum viewer apps:
  • All forum functions are available;
  • All graphics and images appear, even smilies;
  • Important forum notices can now be read;
  • Those with attachment upload privileges can more easily upload and embed images;
  • Your favorite color themes are even available to choose from;
  • XenTrader users can now leave feedback on any device.
In other words, it's your same familiar forum experience, but now available in smaller widths, automatically!

For our staff, all moderator functions are available to us on any device now. If issues arrive, those of us away from a desktop computer during the day can more easily deal with member issues as they arise. That means faster service to our members!

For those who have tried our current version on a smartphone or tablet and had trouble with text input, we have you covered also. XenForo 1.2 has changed from using the fussy TinyMCE editor and now uses the Redactor editor. Having tested it extensively, it plays nice with mobile devices and the Responsive view. Full details of the new editor are available in the main upgrade thread.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the new Responsive view!
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