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Chart positions;gold and platinum statuses

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I'm wondering if anyone out there in Carpenterland has the chart and gold and platinum certification info. For instance, did "Ticket" and "Voice o TH" ever hit gold??? What was the best selling l.p.??? Is the Carpenters catalog still selling stateside? How are Japanese sales comparatively?? And, if sales are apparent...doesn't that constitute future releases???


Record Industry Awards and Sales figures are rarely kept up to date except for latest "Hot Chart " Acts , Companies have to report up to date Sales figures or ask RIAA to confirm via their investigators to revise existing totals....

John Denver was listed at 10 Million Album Sales , however after RIAA checks this figure was raised to 32 Million ....more realistic and Denver did not sell all these extra Albums after his untimely death... :sad:

Same with Carpenters , last total was 24 Million Album sales , far too low ....IMHO AT LEAST 40 / 45/ OR 50 MILLION IS MORE REALISTIC ......

AS an example , Close To You as an Album is listed at only TWO Million sales in USA....whereas Richard and Karen plus various articles have stated sales of FIVE MILLION mininum , BEFORE CD re-issues etc.

Last Carpenters figures relate to 1998 for RIAA with 8 Platinum and 12 Gold Albums listed , "Singles 1969-1973" is touted as largest seller at 7 Million , even this figure is low ....(If this set was currently available and being actively promoted , this would be a 10 Million / Diamond Award seller , first for A&M logo excluding Carloe King distributed "Tapestry").

Surprisingly "Ticket To Ride" , "Passage" "Made In America" , Christmas Portrait-Special Edition " , Lovelines" and even recent "Singles 1969-1981" are not certified as GOLD !! SURE THESE SETS SHOULD BE PLUS TV ADVERTISED ALBUMS.

Carpenters total should be nearer 20 Gold and 12/13 Platinum Awards and sales figures far higher ...... :)

Carpenters Worldwide Album sales are at 125 Million plus Singles sales , maintaining their position as #1 A&M Artists and still major catalog sales.....

Yes , more releases should be forthcoming , but due to Richard 's impasse with Universal re : ATGB Album (2001) and some Catalog issues , Richard is less inclined to agree to just any proposals from Universal....a lot will depend on what happens release -wise with Richard's new Christmas Album due 11/2002 and proposed Carpenters Box Set .....if these fail to be promoted and marketed or released in certain Markets only ..... :shock:

Peter .....Hoping for a new Carpenters post- Universal Career.....


RIAA current awards :

Multi Platinum / Platinum Albums:

Singles 1969-1973
A Song For You
Yesterday Once More
Close To You
Now & Then
Christmas Portrait

Gold Albums :

An Old Fashioned Christmas
A Kind Of Hush
Voice Of The Heart
Love Songs

Carpenters are the biggest selling Duo in the UK with at least 20 Multi Platinum , Platinum and Gold Albums to date ...... :)

Understand Carpenters are the largest selling non-Japanese Artists in Japan , exceeding even Beatles , Elvis etc and still selling millions per year with Catalog and new releases...... :) :)

Peter....Interesting Statistics for once :D
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