🎄 Holidays! Christmas memories and long-lost records


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Can you describe the orchestration, instruments used, perhaps, as a clue - or upload it somewhere where we can listen to it?
In 1988, a popular choice would have been the Mannheim Steamroller version.

The Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Album is excellent. I had heard that it had topped the list as the best selling Christmas album of all time.


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The song is definitely from the 50's or early 60's. Anything newer I would have found by now. The only orchestra that would have jazzed it up this way would have been Percy Faith. The song starts out with a violin solo almost exactly like Percy Faith did on I'll be home for Christmas. My song sounds like its using the same violinist. I will have to figure out how to post it on YouTube. If they hit me with a copyright violation, they will have to identify who's song it is. I can post a link after I figure out how to post to YouTube.


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Some smartphones can use an app to help identify music also. I've used SoundHound in the past. As long as it's playing, and your phone's microphone can pick it up, it might be able to identify it unless it's somewhat obscure.


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Ok, I made a video with the soundtrack to post on YouTube. In the process of posting it YouTube found copyrighted material by Lex DE Azevedo. Looks like he recorded it with the London Philharmonic orchestra. The version on line has a choir singing. The version I want is instrumental only. Now I just need to find that.
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