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Close to You - Couch Choir


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This is making the rounds on Facebook today. Love it!!

Published on Mar 22, 2020
A few days ago we asked the internet to stop misery scrolling for a moment, and to sing with us!

Over 1000 people from 18 countries submitted a video of their performance of “Close To You” (Burt Bacharach) in just TWO DAYS.

Every submission that we successfully received was manually added to the collective. And then we saw the magic unfold… Plug in those earphones and turn this up.

We can’t adequately express in words what a gift your videos were to us. Each was like unwrapping a beautiful, personal, virtual hug. Thanks for trusting us with your voices, and for sharing your lives with us for a few minutes.

We really hope the result gives you something to smile about. We’d love you to share it far and wide (please note, we won’t ask you to make it viral…)
Special thanks to Sleepy Mountain Films for this incredible edit.

Until our next Couch Choir session…
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As mentioned on the other thread where this featured, Richard saw this video online yesterday. His daughter Mindi posted a story on her Instagram page as they were watching it together with a message from him saying that he was astounded, that it made his day and he was so pleased to hear that his arrangement of the song was used as the basis for this version.
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