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Col. Sanders Tijuana Picnic


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If you've never heard these TjB ripoffs, you should check out this YouTube of the entire album:



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I heard this on YouTube quite sometime ago I must say it's worth one listen although I admit I do like to hear occasional TJB Ripoff groups as a curiosity If I was still playing trumpet I could do better versions I remember Herb commented on these copycats saying they just copied his arrangements in their head but He played them from his heart. I noticed the third song was one song that I don't remember Herb playing ( which seems to be a common gimmick with these albums add a non Alpert track but yet do it in his style.) But thanks Harry for sharing in my opinion this LP should have been called "Col Sanders pays Tribute to Herb Alpert". I also heard George Garabedian's versions and I suspect these songs were recorded by his group

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I guess that Colonel Saunders did not say "Oh yeah" on the "Third Man Theme"!! Matt Clark Sanford, MI


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Someone spelled Harland Sanders' last name wrong. :laugh:

They (KFC) actually put out quite a few albums back in the day.
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