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Collection from Canada


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Just got this recently from used record store. While I know there aren’t any remixes due to the early release date, there are a couple that sound like they have more reverb.
Also, some tracks are very close together...almost connected.
Anyone else have this and notice it.

Also, were there two different covers?

The Carpenters Collection 1978 | CarpentersCollection


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Yes, 2 different covers. Made for tv sales collection. Silver cover and brown cover I believe. Not home to check. Haven’t listened to it in years, sorry.


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I’ve got both versions. One other difference is that the Silver cover comes with yellow labels on the record, while the brown has orange labels. But also these records seem to be pressed on cheap or recycled vinyl, I don’t think they were originally on virgin vinyl.

I’ve also seen the brown cover on 8-track.

Simon KC1950

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I found this here in the UK in some old junk/antique/whatever you want to call it shop.

This was when I was a relatively new fan, I was so confused by it because I hadn't seen it anywhere online and it was an interesting picture for the cover (from the 1977 Christmas TV special) I was amazed to see it comes from Canada and I still have no idea how it found its way from Canada to a little town in England !

(Another fan and friend of mine has a theory that a fan went on holiday to Canada and brought it back with them... It's had quite a journey if that's true then it's had quite a journey!)


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I looked through my vinyl today and I have 2 of each. 1 of the silver copies is still sealed with a $3.99 white/red sticker that says rock/soul on it. Not sure, but probably found at Sam Goody in the budget bins. Most likely it was over pressed. The silver cover has a better picture, but they’re both very poor. Reminds me of the cheesy K-Tel album covers back in the 70’s. Terrible artwork. Still a good find!
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