Columbia Records Pressing Plant Santa Maria, CA, 14SEP68


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Here are four photos dated 14SEP68 reportedly from inside the plant.


The date seem plausible. Wikipedia claims Big Brother and the Holding Company / Cheap Thrills was released 12AUG68. Note the presence of SP-4140.


Seeing the "go-fer" employees rollerskating to and fro (note the wrist wrap — an on-the-job accident?) is a reminder of just how substantial and timely the record biz was by the late 1960s.



I remember the Columbia "eye" on the building, which was visible from US-101. As a kid in the late '60s / early '70s, we would drive by this plant northbound on US-101 heading up to San Luis Obispo, Monterey, or Santa Cruz. Once, I asked my dad if we could go inside someday and he told me it was a record factory — not a record store — and that no one could enter except employees…I could only daydream at the cache of unknown LPs and music inside that huge building…
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