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Completely Isolated Karen Vocals

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by Mary Beth, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Mary Beth

    Mary Beth Member Thread Starter

    On YouTube as we know there are "a Capella" versions of some of their hits but they all include rhythm instruments in the mix. I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a particular person I could contact who could isolate Karen's lead vocal as much as possible (moreso than the YouTube ones). It's for a video project I'm currently working on and I'm trying to get tracks with no instruments. I personally don't know anyone who is good at this kind of thing so was wondering if any of you did.
  2. tomswift2002

    tomswift2002 Active Member

    Best bet would be to contact Universal and see if you could get a license and copy of Karen's tracks without music.
  3. Mary Beth

    Mary Beth Member Thread Starter

    Yeah I don't think that would ever happen..
  4. bcat

    bcat New Member

    haha. ya, thats kinda funny. 'hey, can i get some of Karen Carpenters isolated vocal tracks'' :)
  5. bcat

    bcat New Member

    wait though, i see what the original post also means. someone,meaning anyone thats good with audio programs that were you can sorta do that. i never have but that does work sorta.

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