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Though this is relevant in the basic music forum,I thought I would announce it here. Concord Jazz has chosen Universal Music Group for distribution. Having recently purchased the Fantasy catalog,whcih includes the Fantasy,Milestone,Riverside,Prestige and Stax labels,they also are home to Barry Manilow,Michael Feinstein,Patty Austin and have been producing solid mainstream jazz recordings for over 25 years. Now,though this is only distribution,not ownership,A&M,Verve,Impulse,ECM,Fantasy and Concord all come out of the same warehouse system. The music world got a little a smaller. Mac
I suppose this means that all Creedence Clearwater Revival's works will now fall under the Universal distribution pipeline, pray tell? (Given that CCR had recorded for Fantasy.)
The Concord label was the source of several Rosemary Clooney recordings in her later years, many of which seem to be out of print. Some reissues from her may be forthcoming.
I believe Concord has been reissuing some of their titles in SACD format. I know Fantasy has been already. For me, anyway, it's sort of ironic due to Cal Tjader being with Fantasy twice in his career (his earliest phase, and during the 70s as well), as well as with Concord before his passing. Since the rest of his were recorded on Verve, this more or less pulls the majority of his recordings through Universal's distribution pipeline.
As for Clooney,the Concord website catalog still liasts about two dozen selections-not a bad haul since Concord did a deep catalog purge an owner or two ago. Yes,there are a few comps with repeats,but two titles are available in SACD,there is a six CD songbook collection and a new seperate CD and DVD with TV recordings. I suspect the estate feels they were always in good hands no matter who was controlling things after founder Carl Jeffersen died in 1995. Rosie paid a few months rent for them over time. Mac
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