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Country singer, Carla Williams Releases Carpenters Tribute Album


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I just listened to a newly released tribute album to the Carpenters by country singer and songwriter, Carla Williams. I was delighted by the beautiful arrangements that honor the original work of Richard Carpenter, while also admiring how Ms. Williams honors Karen Carpenter's vocals. The album helped me fall in love all over again with the Carpenters! Carla Williams recorded part of the album at Abby Road studios and sings a duet with Cliff Richard on Hurting Each Other. The album was released today and can be heard on Spotify. Also, Ms.Williams produced a short documentary on the album which is available on YouTube.


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I heard several pieces of it myself last night. The line-up of musicians featured on it is pretty impressive but her vocal is drowning in autotune on every song. It's really obvious and it makes her sound like a robot.

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