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I'm new here.

I saw the old thread of the same name. I can confirm Doug is alive and well. I received a long email from him just last night.

I tracked him down a few years ago when his Cti discography website went offline. I tracked through the isp assuming Doug had died and got their attorney to agree to restore the website if I paid and could provide a verified copy of the death certificate.

Somehow chasing phone numbers from old telephone directories, one day I spoke to someone on a bad connection and said I was trying to find someone who could tell what had happened to Doug. I was talking to Doug, on vacation in south America.

We've exchanged a ton of email and I'm working on a new website that will pull in all of his discography material for Creed Taylor.

The objective is to get all the Cti related material on wikipedia upto date as well as Discogs. Some of the Wikipedia entries are just dull and lifeless and don't pay enough respect to great musicians and albums.

I can confirm that there is a biography of Creed Taylor in the works but no more than that. I've done some conversion of old unreleased material on cassettes.

I'm guessing many of you will know that Wes montgomery last a&m/Cti album, road song, was named after the Pete turner photograph taken a year earlier outside Kansas city Airport?

See Wes Montgomery - Road Song

My objective is to get as many of these gems documented as soon as I can.

Know any gems about Creeds time at A&M? Can you back them up with any details and facts....
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