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I was playing back my splendid "Rio Revisited" video from a live 1987 concert featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim, Gal Costa, and Jobim's Banda Nova with Danilo Caymmi on flute and vocals. Danilo is also an outstanding composer. On vacation in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, I was walking down the boardwalk of Leme beach and heard from a loudspeaker by a snack bar Danilo's classic composition "Andanca." It was sung by samba superstar Beth Carvalho, and "Andanca" became her signature song, as per the YouTube link below. The song was also featured on the Bossa Rio's 1970 "Alegria" album entitled "Open Your Arms." It was always one of my all-time favorite Brazilian songs. I love the call and response used during the song's chorus portion. Danilo wrote "Andanca" for Brazil's Festival of Popular Song in 1968. "Andanca" finished in 3rd place, beaten by Jobim's "Sabia" the first place winner.

Danilo is currently promoting a new album he recorded featuring the great songs from the great Brazilian pop music festivals of the late 1960s.

And here is another wonderful interpretation of "Andanca" with Danilo and his daughter Alice on the vocals.

Here is another Danilo Caymmi composition--the hauntingly beautiful "Ponta Negra." Danilo and his sister Nana are the vocalists. Notice how Danilo's flute is beautifully incorporated into the song.

JMK--Thanks for posting "Brasil Nativo" which Danilo wrote for that fantastic Jobim album--Passarim. I love the song's use of the flute. It was only later in life that I began to appreciate the beauty of the flute thanks to its frequent use by Brazilian musical artists such as Jobim and Deodato. The flute and Brazil's tropical vibe are perfectly made for one another.
Along with Danilo Caymmi another artist I associate with the flute is Tom Scott. Scott's performance on Brasil 77's recording of "The Circle Game" is a tour de force.
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