AOTW David Crosby: OH YES I CAN (A&M SP 5232)

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    1. "Drive My Car" Crosby 3:34
    2. "Melody" Crosby, Doerge 4:07
    3. "Monkey and the Underdog" Crosby, Doerge 4:15
    4. "In the Wide Ruin" Doerge, Henske 4:47
    5. "Tracks in the Dust" Crosby 4:48
    6. "Drop Down Mama" Crosby 3:07
    7. "Lady of the Harbor" Crosby, Doerge 3:19
    8. "Distances" Crosby 3:36
    9. "Flying Man" Crosby, Doerge 3:25
    10. "Oh Yes I Can" Crosby 5:08
    11. "America (My Country 'Tis of Thee)" Traditional, arranged by Hedges 1:58

    • Producers – David Crosby; Craig Doerge and Stanley Johnston (Tracks 1-7, 9, 10 & 11); Howard Alpert and Ron Alpert (Track:cool:.
    • Executive Producer – Eddie Wilner
    • Engineers – Stephen Barncard, Steve Gursky, Stanley Johnston, Gerry Lentz and Jay Parti.
    • Assistant Engineers – Tom Banghart, Gary Boatner, Michael Bosley, Troy Cruze, Larry Goodwin, Scott Gordon, Mark McKenna, Russell Schmidt, Allan Tucker, Bob Vogt and Paul Winger.
    • Mixing – Niko Bolas (Track 1); Stanley Johnston (Tracks 2-11).
    • Mastered by Bob Ludwig and Mike Reese at Masterdisk (New York, NY) and A&M Mastering Studios (Los Angeles, CA).
    • Art Direction and Design – Caroline Balog and Gary Burden
    • Photography – Henry Diltz (back cover), Jay Parti (front cover) and Aaron Rapoport (inner sleeve).
    Released Jan. 23, 1989
    Reached # 104 in the Billboard Top 200, charted 10 weeks from entry 2-18-89.
    "Drive My Car" went to # 3 as a single
    Issued as CD 5232 & in Japan as D25Y3303


    NOTE: There is no release corresponding to "SP 5231"

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    I listened to about two tracks and said, "Oh no you can't!" :laugh:
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    Crosby and Herbie Mann have something in common. Both spent most of their careers recording for Atlantic label, which they left briefly for A&M and then returned.

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