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Do you know anyone who has collected all (or most) things "Carpenter"?

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by RainyDays, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. RainyDays

    RainyDays Active Member Thread Starter

    Such as every album, single, posters, tour books, etc. Or maybe do YOU have all of them?
  2. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    I have every lp. Every single in original jackets. Every poster offered by the Downey Fan Club. All tour books offered. Two sets of every cd unopened including KC solo, but not of RC's TIME. I have numerous KC solos opened. Bought them just cuz before out-of-print. Then several more after same. One is a promo copy. I have many KC solo posters released at time of solo album. Official fan club sanctioned envelope/desk organizers 1 avocado green the other yellow. CarpenterS logo note pads, pens, pencils, patches, bumper stickers, book covers, banners, all of the 8x10" glossys, scarves 1 baby blue w/white logo the other white with blue logo, a beautiful brass belt buckle with raised logo, The complete shm-cd collection, 35th ann collection, the list seems to go on and on. Many things have been packed gently away for so long that I've simply lost track of each item. Gonna have to inventory sometime. The lp's and 45's are in mint condition. Over the years I've acquired many copies of each. From mint to near mint to good condition. That's just off the top of my head. A few weeks back I stumbled across a site where a guys in the business of buying collectibles out of the UK. Scrolling thru some of his C's offerings I found that by his price list anyway I've amassed quite a considerable fortune. I've never considered selling off any memorabilia until I saw that. Since the inception of the Downey Fan Club some 43 years ago I've kept these keepsakes safe and secure with the greatest care and kid gloves upon many moves. Never knowing what if anything would become of them. I had thought maybe after my demise someone would pursue liquidation. I'm the only family member with the "affliction". For that matter until the forum here I was alone and lonely with my collectibles and subsequent passion for all things related to the duo. Aside from a few select items my attachment to many of these possessions has waned a bit. The idea of self-liquidating is a real option now as anyone else would have no concept of where to disperse of the treasures. While I have given freely a KC solo poster and the occasional unopened remastered Singles 69-73, I feel that it is more timely to search for good homes that can and will continue to appreciate the value and unprecedented care these goodies have been subjected to. Craig's List gives me the heebie jeebies and I know nothing about E-Bay so it's been simpler for me to rest on my laurels. I don't know whether or not it's appropriate but if you want to private message me we could further discuss the bounty. I seem to remember some time ago a member here tossed the same idea around and it was acceptable. Anyway RainyDays that is my answer to your question.

    Happy Easter all,

  3. Put me in the "most" category, though much of my collection is the music. I only have one, maybe two copies of the major LPs of the day, a full set of the original CDs, a full set of the Remastered Classics CDs and a couple of complete-album box sets. Where I became a "completist" is in the CD compilations, where I've tried to grab any official compilation issued. There are some comps in other territories that I've not managed to get - they are simply too numerous an many went out of print before the ease of Internet shopping.

    I have a fair number of videos on LaserDisc, VCD, DVD and old VHS tapes, and I have a number of their 45s, but not all. Some are stock, some are promo. I have a few tour books, and a few music books, but none of the fan-club stuff, as I was never a joiner of those things. Given the vast number of items worldwide, I cannot imagine anyone has gotten it all, but just as I say that, I actually CAN imagine some superfan somewhere, who has spent a lifetime tracking it all down.

    To me the music has always been the most important part, and I want to have easy access to every official mix issued.

  4. Rick-An Ordinary Fool

    Rick-An Ordinary Fool Well-Known Member

    Well, I am way behind Jeff but slowly catching up to Harry. :)

    Seriously, I wish I had all that Jeff has listed, that must be a magnificient collection to behold. I am the proud owner of that KC solo poster that Jeff so graciously released from his collection on this forum awhile back. It was mint and more beautiful than I had imagined. I quickly brought it to my frame shop and had it framed professionally. It hangs in my gallery room to this day. I will never forget his generosity.
  5. cam89

    cam89 Active Member

    Of course, I became a fan after 1988, and I remember writing to the Carpenters fan club in Downey. Ev graciously answered every letter I sent her. I asked her like about 100 some questions per letter, and she didn't answer ALL 100 questions, but she would answer what she could. I can still see myself shaking with excitement when I saw a letter or package from Downey, CA. One time, I sent like a $30 Canadian Money Order for some memorabilia which was quite a bit of money then, and she sent me back an actual check of $10.00 back, signed by none other than Agnes Carpenter. I should have had that framed but I didn't. I must have needed the cash at some point. I remember when I first obtained the DECADE book, and the 1973 TOUR BOOK, 3 of the Fan Club posters, one of 1973 (rosy tint of Karen in purply print dress), 1977 poster of Karen in Red satin suit and RC in white and blue jumper, and of course the Made In America inner sleeve poster. I also obtained the Carpenters Newsletters. I had some 8x10's, and a wallet photo as well as a book cover. I had the 1994 program signed by RC of the opening of the gala night of the Richard and Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Centre. I had several songbooks. I had 8 Tracks, LPS, cassettes, CDS, dvds, the videos. I even made myself a scrap book, actually several but I guess I shouldn't call them scrap as the stuff contained in there is NOT scrap ( I stole that saying from the Carpenters newsletters when fans sent stuff to Carpenters and family!)....then of course I ordered 6 video cassettes of footage, tv specials, reports, interviews, concerts etc on the Carpenters....this was just a few years after the internet became open...but a cherished piece are the Made In America sunvisors I have, as well as a piece of red shag rug from the Carpenters Newville avenue home, that a fan sent me (of which I deeply treasure...my piece of Graceland...errr...Carpenterland)...
  6. GaryAlan

    GaryAlan Well-Known Member

    My small memorabilia collection includes:
    the blow-up vinyl rubber Promotional White Heart for the "Song For You" album.
    It has the logo (in Red) on one side and album name on the other. It's my favorite collectible.
    Also, my white sweatshirt with Red Logo, from the original Fan Club, has never been worn.
    Both brass key rings ,1972 AND 1975. The brass Belt Buckle, 1972 Playing Cards, Passage and Christmas Portrait Plastic Mugs.
    All of the Tour Books, the 1979 Decade Book, the 1996 Japanese Mook , and many Posters.
    Recently I acquired a 1976 Hardbacked Concert Poster from the Toronto Canada Concert Venue.
    I get real pleasure from my collection.
    It is quite difficult to find genuine Carpenters Fan Club Memorabilia.
  7. It would be impossible to have everything, too much money to buy it all. My biggest want is the Carpenters neon sign that came out in 1975. I even asked A&M to track one down to no avail. I have pretty much all vinyl, including the Magic Lamp single, and six copies of Offering. One is a promo, and one Richard signed for me after his Christmas concert in Orange County, featuring Scott Grimes. All the original albums on Japanese vinyl and about a dozen Japanese only collections like Supermax, Gold Prize etc. Odd pieces would include the Passage long sleeve shirt and mug, many posters fan club and A&M issued, all four Japanese anthology box sets,all the videos on VHS,beta,laserdisc, and DVD I could find. Most all the sheet music for all singles thru the Passage years. They got generic and kind of plain later, and a box of old Billboard Magazines, People, etc. I'm leaving out a lot, too much to list and not bragging, just an avid collector like most of you. There is one picture sleeve I'm missing, the one for Don't Cry For Me Argentina, and one single, Little Alter Boy. Thanks for looking. Ken
  8. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    Ken, excellent collection far exceeding my own. Some people envision shmeering chocolate on their bods relishing in the goodness, I fancy going for a roll and tumble in all my prized keepsakes. Immersed in the idolatry, praising the Goddess and duly acknowledging the piano player. What could be more indulgent?

    Last edited: Feb 18, 2014
  9. I forgot to mention he also signed my Goodbye To Love sheet music and I showed him the Magic Lamp single for which he replied. Since you're an audiophile you should get the new Treasures cd collection just released in Japan. He also said that he had six copies of Offering in his library. He then handed out autographed albums of some instrumental music he recored to all at the dinner that night. Scott Grimes tagged along and made fun of the Offering picture. Maybe that's why I don't like him. He kind of ruined the Carpenters Christmas songs he sang at the concert. Just not the same.....I also forgot to list the British EMI version of The Yesterday Once More cd collection. I had know idea it was so hard to find now.
  10. GaryAlan

    GaryAlan Well-Known Member

    I finally secured a copy of the Honolulu City Lights single and picture sleeve, today.
    I have wanted that one for a long while.
    Can not wait to play it!
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  11. They were only available at SamGoody/Musicland stores I think. They were headquartered in the upper Midwest and always seemed to have all the Carpenters picture discs that we never saw out here in later years. I hated shopping at the competition, but had to support Carpenters and my collection of course. Glad you got it!
  12. Nick

    Nick Member

    I was a late starter as far as becoming a fan. Only after 1990 but I have all at the LPs sealed, all the vinyl singles with sleeves, the SHM CDs, most of the compilations and collections, all the tour books, both autographs, many song books, DVDs and VHS tapes, and several other fan club items - Made in America sun-visors, belt buckle, writing paper, stickers, pens, pencils, playing cards, but I was too late for the 8x10s (which I'd love) and some of the other fan club items; the pennants, scarves, etc. I'd still kill to own the 8x10s and the posters but they hardly ever come up on eBay. I'd also love the Magic Lamp single but that is scarcer than hen's teeth.
  13. GaryAlan

    GaryAlan Well-Known Member

    The fans here put my meager collection to shame!:)
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2014
  14. I was there, too. And you are right, Scott Grimes was terrible. I remember his "version" of Merry Chirstmas Darling sounding like I left the record player on 78rpm when it should have been on 33rpm or that the Chipmonks recorded a version of that song.
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  15. Mark-T

    Mark-T Well-Known Member

    I like Scott's solo album though.
  16. GaryAlan

    GaryAlan Well-Known Member

    The Fan Club Newsletter (#39 Oct 1974) has Carpenters Needlepoint Kits for sale, featuring three colors and the famous Logo.
    I am wondering( unless I missed it posted somewhere here) does anyone possess this item?
    I have never seen such offered on any auction site.
  17. GaryAlan

    GaryAlan Well-Known Member

    A few scans from the fan club: Scan0035.jpg Scan0036.jpg Scan0036.jpg Scan0037.jpg
  18. I remember those for sale way back in the 70's. I think one of our people here was holding one in his picture. I thought they were yellow and orange though. So far back I'm not exactly sure. A girl I was dating had one too. You got it and made it yourself. They had all kinds of memorabilia for sale. I think the keychains and posters sold the best. They had cards,pencils, t-shirts(I still have mine), flags, etc. what does your list give for sale besides needlepoint? I'm sure she still has it somewhere, but we are no longer in touch. She had the cool sailboat poster from the Ticket to Ride sessions too.
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  19. Rick-An Ordinary Fool

    Rick-An Ordinary Fool Well-Known Member

    I want to come over to Ken, Jeff and Gary's house...sounds like a Carpenters party is in store....and well have fun fun fun :laugh: I'm jealous!!
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  20. GaryAlan

    GaryAlan Well-Known Member

    I have never seen the mythical Sailboat Poster, and have wondered about it all these years!
  21. GaryAlan

    GaryAlan Well-Known Member

    Newsletter #72 from November 1981 states that the fan club had some new keepsake items and that they were
    described in an enclosed flyer. However, I do not have that enclosed flyer, and wonder if anyone knows what those
    new items were?
  22. I know I wanted to steal it from her really bad. I was really envious of her, that she had it. It was hard to visit and see it on her wall. Her little brat nephew got to sing with the Carpenters when they came here in 1973, as they needed a children's choir for "Sing" to make it like the record. I didn't renew my membership after 1979, so I don't know of what they had for sale after that.
  23. GaryAlan

    GaryAlan Well-Known Member

    A sad day when I received this letter: Scan0040.jpg
  24. God bless Ev. She did such a great job on all things Carpenters. They guy with the most video and maybe vinyl, and maybe CDs and the neon light and two or three Magic Lamp singles is Steve Harvey. He worked at a tv station in Texas, but lives in the L. A. area He has worked on some of the Carpenters DVDs. I know he has a lot of video for sure. He also has the rare Navy Presents lp. I would love to have that too. So darn greedy. You can see his name in the credits. Sorry Steve....
  25. Rick-An Ordinary Fool

    Rick-An Ordinary Fool Well-Known Member

    Speaking about the above 45's....
    Finally after a few years of searching....I got the 45 single of "Little Altar Boy" b/w "Do You Hear What I Hear?" It's on the red A&M label and labeled promotion copy but it came with the red A&M sleeve...I often wondered was there a U.S. picture sleeve issued?

    I also managed to collect the 45 of "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" it is b/w "Calling Occupants" (long vers.) it's on the memories label and mine came with the memories sleeve. I wondered too is this the way this 45 was issued or was there a specific picture sleeve for 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina"

    I also acquired (2) 45's of "Honolulu City Lights" one of them is b/w "I Just Fall In Love Again" and came with the original picture sleeve with the palm trees the back of the pic sleeve is dated 1986 A&M records and the other was a promo 45 of Honolulu City Lights same song on both sides (no pic sleeve).

    ahh..memories what memories...

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